Overwatch hero Baptiste's ultimate is also helping enemies

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch players have discovered a major bug with Baptiste’s ultimate ability, Amplification Matrix.


Baptiste’s ultimate, Amplification Matrix, creates a matrix that doubles all of his team’s damage and healing that passes through it.

Amplification Matrix already looks like it could be one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in Overwatch, as such a massive buff to damage makes it possible for abilities like a direct hit from Pharah’s rockets to one-shot many of the lower-health heroes.

Unfortunately, it seems there’s currently a bug with Amplification Matrix that means it could backfire horribly, as that major boost to damage seems to be provided to the enemy team as well.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste is Overwatch's 30th hero.

Baptiste's ultimate only seems to amplify enemy projectile damage, compared to boosting all types of damage for his own team, but it still means the likes of Pharah’s rockets, Junkrat’s grenades, and Reinhardt’s Fire Strike become much more deadly, as Road2Masters demonstrates.


Fortunately, with Baptiste still only being available on the Public Test Realm, it seems very likely that Blizzard will fix this issue before the patch reaches the live servers, especially considering how frequently they’ve been updating the PTR with new changes and fixes.

Baptiste is the 30th hero to join the Overwatch roster. A former Talon combat medic, Baptiste is a support character who brings some unique mechanics to the game, including his Amplification Matrix and Immortality Field abilities.

Blizzard have yet to officially announce when Baptiste will be released to the live servers, but if they stick to their typical schedule for the March hero release, he can be expected around March 20, give or take a day or two.