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Overwatch guide reveals rare tips and tricks to rank up as Mei

Published: 10/Feb/2020 17:40

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch YouTuber Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan has updated his previous Mei guide video for 2020 with some fresh tips from Top 500 ice legend Rady.

Throughout the video, Rady shares tips to give Mei an advantage in every single match up in the game, but a general tip is the super-strong freeze into double headshot combo.

These freeze combo fundamentals will “maximize your DPS and get as much value out of her,” the German player explained.

KarQ shows off a Mei combo in Overwatch to kill Sigma easily
A Mei combo can deal a whopping 412.5 damage.

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“Fully frozen targets stand still for one and a half seconds, so the first combo is to freeze and follow up with two headshots for maximum damage,” he noted. Additionally, if a 200 HP target is getting a little bit of healing, you just need to freeze followed by a headshot and melee to secure the kill.


This trick can actually cause Mei to kill both Sigma and Zarya with ease. It takes thirty rounds of ammo to freeze a target. You end up doing about 82.5 damage before the tank is frozen. From there, two headshots will deal 300 damage and a melee for an extra thirty. The end result is 412.5 damage – enough to kill both 400 HP heroes.

Against the other tanks, however, it’s best to freeze and then use the Blizzard ultimate to prevent enemies from moving for over seven whole seconds. Once they’re locked in place, you’re free to headshot as many times as you want.


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Another neat tip is that against Doomfist, you can wall off his Meteor Strike to nullify some of his damage. The most interesting part, though, is that by going into ice block as he hits a sweet spot of his ultimate, you can negate all of his damage and stop your teammates from losing HP.

Mei can also out-distance Reaper’s Death Blossom, so by standing far enough away, she can freeze the Talon hero before he is able to wrack up any kills.

Finally, the last tip worth noting is that Mei’s ice wall is a brilliant tool for denying value from certain line of sight abilities such as Sound Barrier, Transcendence, and Immortality Field.


Getting the wall placement just right can deny Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

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By placing the wall between the hero and their allies, you can prevent the enemy from gaining Sound Barrier shields or getting healed by Zen’s Transcendence.

This can be especially useful when dueling a Baptiste, because instead of having to destroy the lamp, you can block its line of sight, negate its effect and easily kill him.

Mei is incredibly good right now and can be an easy hero to play to rank up with. Take advantage of these tips and you may be able hit a new SR peak before the season ends.