Overwatch gets reimagined as a Metal Gear game in incredible machinima

Overwatch becomes Metal Gear SolidYouTube/TGN

Overwatch fans who also love the Metal Gear Solid series are in for a treat with a new video that reimagines Blizzard’s hero-based FPS as the tactical espionage title from Konami.

While the two games may be completely different, that didn’t stop YouTube channel TGN from crafting a new machinima that combines both universes within the Overwatch engine.

Through the use of Overwatch’s Workshop mode, Replay viewer, and some fantastic editing, TGN crafted a neat walkthrough of their new “game” where Soldier 76 becomes the defacto Solid Snake.

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The video features plenty of Easter eggs from both titles and some funny wordplay, such as turning Zenyatta into “Shambali Mantis” – a play on the Metal Gear character Psycho Mantis and McCree as “Revolver McOcelot.”

The video even includes some Metal Gear box action.

“Gameplay” of the title shows Solid 76 infiltrate a base on Volskaya Industries. When the player isn’t sneaking past troops guarding the area, he’s either collecting items or engaging in a classic “call” with the overseeing officer.

These sections are a classic Metal Gear callback and feature some of the best dialogue in the video. Of course, you can’t think of Metal Gear’s stealth without talking about hiding in boxes and TGN made sure to include a section where 76 hides under one.

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Eventually, this all leads to a climax where 76 and a ninja have to work together to fight against D.Va – or as it’s called in this universe – a “MEKA Gear.”

The ending is a bit of a twist too, so we highly recommend checking it out. Needless to say, however, it’s one that you’ll probably enjoy, especially if you’re used to the Metal Gear mythos.

While it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a new Metal Gear game anytime soon, it’s great to see projects like this being made by fans.

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We can’t wait to see what the creative-minded players get up to once Overwatch 2 is released and even more options are afforded to artists like TGN.