Overwatch footage shows how incredibly powerful McCree has become

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard included a brand new buff for Overwatch‘s McCree in the game’s latest update, but not many players would have expected his Ultimate to be as devastating as it’s become. 

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The dust has barely settled on the developer’s February 26 patch, which included some big changes for several characters, but clips of McCree using Deadeye prove just how effective the increase to its damage per second has been.

However, while some fans of the game might be getting excited by the buff, it seems that not even shields can stop him – which could be a future cause for concern. 

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Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch also saw the addition of a new hero, Baptiste, during the February 26 PTR update.

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user Raxyx7 has shared a clip that shows a number of different heroes fall at the hands of McCree, but they are all standing behind a full HP shield. 

To make matters worse, each of the characters were also being protected by Lúcio’s Sound Barrier, which is an ability that provides 750HP to all teammates within 30 meters. 

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While the change has certainly come as a shock to some Overwatch players, others seem to believe that it’s quite understandable. 

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“When you think about the amount of counters, CC & mobility cool downs throughout the hero pool, even a main tank player like myself can understand this change,” one redditor explained. 

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“Lot of freaking out here, but considering it takes his entire duration or near enough to do it, it won’t be as damning as this makes it look like,” another said.

Whether or not this becomes an issue for the online community in the future remains to be seen.