Overwatch February 27 patch fixes hilarious Rialto glitch - Full Patch Notes

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment


Overwatch released a small patch on Wednesday, January 27, that should save players from falling to their dooms in what should be a safe spot on Rialto.


The latest patch is nowhere near as huge as the February 26 patch, which included a ton of balance updates for the game’s heroes.

It does, however, fix several bugs, including one that was really getting into the way of players on Rialto.


Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The boats are located in Rialto's second section, towards the bottom of the picture.

The boats docked in Rialto’s second section usually provide a safe space for players to stand on top of when attacking or defending, but recently players have discovered they may not be as solid as they appear.

A Reddit user named Lpwner109 said they and their friend had discovered something interesting on Rialto, and included a clip.

In the clip, Lpwner109 and friend are running along one of the docked boats in Rialto, when they suddenly fall through and die.

A friend and I discovered something interesting in Rialto. from r/Overwatch


Overwatch players can now feel comfortable running on the boat once they've installed the latest, life-saving update. 

The patch also fixes an issue where friendly turrets, bots and B.O.B.s would target their allied Mei’s Ice wall.

The full patch notes can be read below:




  • Fixed a bug where turrets, AI bots, and Ashe’s Bob would target a friendly Mei’s Ice Wall



  • Fixed a bug where players would fall through boats to their death


  • Fixed a bug where the elimination sound effect would play after destroying a barrier
  • Fixed a bug where the elimination sound effect wouldn’t play after getting a kill assist
  • Fixed a bug where the Deathmatch end of the game screens and the Play of the Game animation didn’t have music


  • Fixed a bug where the kill icon wouldn’t display after getting a kill assist