Overwatch fans beg for Pride Month 2022 update to Blizzard’s ‘lackluster’ content

overwatch lgbtq flag tracer header imageBlizzard

Overwatch fans and members of the LGBTQ+ community have called on Blizzard to add more support and representation for members of the community during Pride Month 2022.

With Pride Month beginning at the start of June, people and companies are proudly voicing their support for members of the LGBTQ+ community where they can.

Developers have added Pride-centric flags and symbols to games as a sign of solidarity, like Raven Software adding a plethora of emblems or calling cards to Warzone.

However, Overwatch fans have voiced their discontent with Blizzard’s lack of representation of the LGBTQ+ community via in-game icons and skins.

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Overwatch LGBTQ+ allies call for more support

Tracer on DoradoBlizzard Entertainment
While Overwatch does feature LGBTQ+ representation in characters like Tracer, there is a distinct lack of icons and in-game skins that show support for the community.

The call to action was headlined by @OverwatchCaval on Twitter and boosted by @WatchpointPride, who describes itself as an Overwatch creators network that highlights LGBTQ+ content surrounding the game.

WatchpointPride retweeted a popular concept by @ZenofyMedia of what other Pride flags would look like in Overwatch saying, “How great would this be? Listen up, @PlayOverwatch.”

WatchpointPride’s call-out is about Blizzard’s current Overwatch Pride Month content, or lack thereof.

At the time of writing, LGBTQ+ members wanting to show a representation only have the Rainbow Flag icon to choose from.

Fans were quick to voice their support for the issue WatchpointPride raised with user @TesshinOW_86 saying, “They should totally add more pride flags instead of just the rainbow one, even if the rainbow flag is a mash of the community it would be nice to get your own rep.”

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Specifically, they called for the Aromantic Asexual flag to be included as a Player Icon in Overwatch, in addition to the others seen in @ZenofyMedia‘s concept art.

While Blizzard has publicly announced official Pride merchandise led by the Blizzard LGBTQ+ Employee Network, the company has not added any new icons or skins to the game for Pride Month 2022 as of yet.

Though indeed lackluster, hopefully, Blizzard will listen to community feedback and add more representation to Overwatch before Pride Month comes to an end this year.