Warzone celebrates Pride Month with new Emblems and Calling Cards

Stunning new Emblems and handcrafted pride flag Calling Cards have been added to Warzone by Raven Software to Celebrate Pride Month. 

Activision has been harshly criticized and punished for what some consider to be its failures in inclusivity and equality. It may be hard for Warzone players to fully trust the sincerity of any Pride initiative done, but Raven Software continued its yearly tradition of celebrating Pride Month by releasing 14 new Pride Month Calling Cards in Warzone.

The Calling Cards and Emblems are free and available for all players.

In 2021 Raven only added eight Calling Cards and no Emblems, but the studio has upped its support this time around.

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New Pride Emblems

To equip the new Calling Cards and Emblems players just need to log in to Warzone, go to the Barracks menu, and from there all of the new items will be available to equip.

Eight of the 14 Calling Cards are returning from last year and Raven tweeted about what each flag represents and who designed them.

  1. Genderqueer by Marilyn Roxie
  2. Agender by Salem
  3. Aromantic by Cameron
  4. Intersex by Morgan Carpenter
  5. Genderfluid by JJ Poole
  6. Pansexual by Jasper
  7. Gay Man by Gayflagblog
  8. Progress Pride by Daniel Quasar

The six new flags have not been identified or credited to any artists as of writing.

In 2021, Raven also added an Easter egg into Rebirth Island to celebrate Pride Month, but it’s unclear what they may have done this time around. In any case, this story will be updated if more information is revealed.

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