Overwatch fan creates incredible Volleyball mode with Workshop

Thanks to the hard work of one Overwatch fan and the new Workshop feature, players are now able to try their hand at a brilliantly crafted Volleyball mode.

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Blizzard dropped the Overwatch Workshop update to the PTR back on April 24, handing some incredible tools to players in a bid to bring their own content to the game.

Creative fans have already been hard at work with their own ideas, imagining up dangerous new heroes, taking old modes like Ana Paintball and giving them a fresh lick of paint while also coming up with completely new game modes of their own.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Overwatch Workshop has been around for less than a week but is already proving to be a success.

Overwatch volleyball

Now one fan, Reddit user Telefrag_Ent, has added a side-scrolling Volleyball mode that is sure to be a hit.

While it is not as complete as a game like Dead or Alive, players who hop into Telefrag_Ent’s Volleyball will be able to select their own heroes and do battle in a first to ten points match. However, there is already a meta emerging as Genji players are able to pull off a double jump in a bid for trick shots.

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Players who jump into the mode as Soldier: 76 will be able to mop up any cunning drop shots due to the speed that he possesses compared to other heroes.  

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Will Blizzard add a Workshop creations playlist?

Unlike its real-life counter-part, there is no net or lines to mark out a court, but instead, uses a small area and red beacon lights to show off their court layout. There is also a floating scoreboard that appears above the match so that players can keep track of who is ahead without the need for their own math.

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The Workshop has only been available in Overwatch for a few days but there appears to be no end in sight for just what incredible ideas fans will be able to conjure up next thanks to their imagination and hard work.

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    However, if you want to jump into a match of the Volleyball game mode and serve up an Ace on your friends, you’ll need the code, which is: V5NKR.

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