Overwatch fan performs Game of Thrones theme on Paris pianos

HBO/Blizzard Entertainment

The internet is abuzz with of the premier of Game of Thrones Season 8 and one Overwatch fan’s musical creation fits the occasion perfectly.

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Game of Thrones eighth and final season premieres on Sunday, April 14, and the internet hasn’t seemed to talk about much else, other than the occasional new Overwatch Storm Rising skin.

Since the maps on the newest Overwatch map, Paris, are fully playable, YouTuber Rodrigo Lelles decided to use his musical talents, and some video editing magic, to record the Game of Thrones theme song on them.

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Youtube/ibeckman671Fans are wondering who will get the Play of the Game of Thrones as the final season begins.
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While using Sombra on the piano, Elles records each individual note and edits them together to make the GoT theme.

It’s pretty impressive and it wouldn’t be possible without some video editing, since Sombra can’t really play two notes at once.

Elles didn’t go the automated route either, like one creative Overwatch player who decided to use an aimbot program to play music did.

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We’ve seen some creative stuff from players since the pianos came out with Paris, but none have been as timely as this Game of Thrones-inspired creation.

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Overwatch: a Storm Rising?

Overwatch’s next seasonal event: Storm Rising, is set to get going on Tuesday, April 16, and Blizzard is already previewing new skins for the event.

Besides new skins, there will also be a new PvE mission that has Tracer, Mercy, Genji and Winston hunt down Maximilien, Doomfist’s Omnic accountant.

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There’s also rumored to be a new map, called Havana, coming for the event, but apart from background shots in all the new skin previews, Overwatch has kept details about the new map under wraps.

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