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Overwatch fan finally gives D.Va the holiday skin she deserves

Published: 16/Dec/2018 21:23

by Vincent Genova


The popular off-tank finally has a festive skin for the holiday season, even if it is only a fan made concept.

D.Va is one of the most popular characters in Overwatch for both competitive and casual players. She has a number of amazing skins and even a special edition look based on her cinematic short.

Yet, somehow, she continues to be left out in the cold around the holidays with Blizzard again not giving her a new look in the most recent Winter Wonderland.

One D.Va fan decided to change that and finally gave her a holiday look, complete with a wrapping paper pistol.


Instagram user 27dogs posted the concept, which features a festively colored Santa-ish dress and winter boots.

27dogs is still working on the mech design, but hopefully it has a giant red nose of some sort.

Fans disappointed that D.Va did not get a real Winter skin will have to settle for her skins from literally every other event the game has ever had.

Plenty of other characters did get some Winter Wonderland love, however. Check out all the new Winter skins and patch notes from the update.

Skins are just cosmetic anyway, D.Va still has one of the Ults in the game – even when Overwatch glitches out.