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Overwatch fan creates stunning weapon skin concept designs

Published: 11/Nov/2019 17:30 Updated: 11/Nov/2019 17:52

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created some incredible concept designs for weapon skins in the game.

Cosmetics are a huge part of Overwatch, with the various new skins often the highlight of the various seasonal events in which they are released.

While players can choose the look of their heroes, however, they don’t have the option of changing how their weapon appears – aside from making it golden if they have unlocked the respective gold gun with competitive points.

While the weapon designs do change to a certain degree with different skins, many fans have long wished for a bit more customization of their weapons – especially as it is the only part of their own skin that players see themselves for most of their play time.

Now, Reddit user Gryz00 has developed some of their own concept designs to show off what weapon skins could potentially look like in-game, including multiple levels of rarity in the same way that hero skins varying levels of complexity.

Like existing skins, Gryz00’s ‘Rare’ weapon skins maintain the same model, offering only a different color or simple design.


Legendary weapon skins, meanwhile, could offer more complex designs, such as glowing particle effects. If Blizzard themselves were to implement weapon skins, they could also make changes to the weapon’s model.


So far, Overwatch has stuck to the more MOBA-like approach of offering complete looks for each character, rather than the CS:GO or Call of Duty way of offering different weapon skins but keeping character models the same.

Given that Overwatch is first and foremost an FPS, however, there’s certainly scope and demand for separate weapon skins alongside different hero looks. Whether or not this is something Blizzard will ever explore remains to be seen – although with Overwatch 2 on the horizon, the sequel could perhaps offer both an opportunity, and an enticement for Overwatch players to upgrade to the new title.


Overwatch players discover signs of possible Hanamura rework for Overwatch 2

Published: 15/Jan/2021 0:25

by Michael Gwilliam


Eagle-eyed Overwatch players may have found evidence of a potential rework of the assault map Hanamura after familiarizing themselves with Kanezaka.

The game’s newest map, Kanezaka, is unique in that it’s positioned directly below Hanamura and can be seen when looking at it from above.

While there is no mistaking the large buildings seen off in the distance on Kanezaka as the ones from Hanamura, there are some slight differences that could point towards a future rework.

As Redditor ‘_Panthera_Unca_’ explained in their post, “on Kanezaka you see Hanamura, but it looks different to the actual map, in particular, the tower in the Middle (on Kanezaka) has replaced these two buildings, but the main tower for 2nd and 1st seems to be the same.”

Overwatch Kanezaka map
Blizzard Entertainment
The Kanezaka map seems to be home to many mysteries.

It begs an interesting question: why would Blizzard create a different version of Hanamura when it’s supposed to be the same map?

The Redditor has a theory that Blizzard is reworking Hanamura, but are saving it for Overwatch 2.

“Maybe I am reading too much into this, but I think it wouldn’t even be like Blizzard to not add Kanezaka to Hanamura, with the love for detail they have shown in the past but putting in a wrong model just seems so out of place for them,” they concluded.

Hanamura Rework? Explanation in comments from Overwatch

Assault/2CP game modes are, for many Overwatch players, the bane of their existence. The mode is widely controversial, requiring plenty of teamwork to pull off a successful attack.

Blizzard has discussed potential changes to 2CP in the past and even let users test some concepts with the Experimental Mode, but any major fix would require a whole map rework.

Notably, both Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony have been removed from the competitive rotation for a long time to undergo reworks, so it’s possible that more maps are being redesigned behind the scenes.

We’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard has planned, but expect to hear more news on Overwatch 2 and maybe even what’s happening with Hanamura come BlizzCon in February.