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Overwatch fan creates perfect Lucio practice mode with new Workshop map

Published: 7/Feb/2020 16:30

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created a game mode with the new Workshop features that allows players to practice and improve their Lúcio mechanics.

The big news of the latest update to the Public Test Realm (PTR) was of course the introduction of the controversial hero pools, but also included in the patch were some new features for creators in the Workshop.

The Workshop already gave players a huge amount of control when creating custom games, but the new updates aimed to address some of the more significant shortcomings of the existing system.

Blizzard Entertainment
Mastering Lúcio’s movement is key to improving with the hero.

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One of the major troubles players had previously was with creating appropriate gameplay spaces for modes that weren’t designed to fit in the traditional maps. Creators would often have to resort to finding a location on a map that most closely approximated what they were looking for, and cordoning it off for their mode.


To give Workshop creators more options, Blizzard added three new maps that are specifically designed for the Workshop, opening up spaces that wouldn’t otherwise be available such as the massive ‘Expanse’ map.

Now, Workshop creator TentraTint has used the new ‘Island’ map, along with some of the new subroutine features, to create the perfect Lúcio practice mode. In ‘Lúcio Boop Battle’ players must wall-ride around the island without going up onto the platform, all while navigating obstacles, utilizing jump pads, and of course trying to knock opponents off.

Lucio Boop Battle V1.0 Code in Description from r/Overwatch

With the new Workshop features currently only available on the PTR, this mode only be accessed by PC players right now, using the import code V1S59.


Movement is critical to a Lúcio’s success, with great Lúcio players able to balance staying out of danger with diving in for speed boosts, healing and knockbacks to have the maximum impact. Mastering both his wall-riding and the use of his key abilities while doing so are crucial for those looking to improve with the hero, and this mode should help aspiring Lúcio players to do so.