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Someone turned Overwatch into an anime and it’s surprisingly great

Published: 31/Mar/2019 19:49 Updated: 31/Mar/2019 21:05

by Eli Becht


Overwatch has had numerous shorts that help develop the lore of the game, but did you know it actually lends itself quite well to an anime series?

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For a game that is online-only, Overwatch has a surprising amount of lore behind the characters in the game.

Blizzard does a good job of explaining the origin of the characters through animated shorts and comics. Fans are able to become attached to the various heroes even though they’ve never actually played through the story themselves.

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The animated shorts have been so good that fans often ask for a full series to be developed, which is kind of surprising considering that isn’t a thing yet.


It would be a good way to expand upon the lore of the growing cast of characters while giving players an additional source of entertainment outside of Overwatch itself.

This fan took things an extra step and added an anime theme song overlay to a short, which actually works pretty well.

Anime OP for the Overwatch Animated Shorts. *ChouCho from r/Overwatch

The video was uploaded to Reddit by user noob_plays_newpc and it shows various Overwatch animated shorts clip overlayed with an anime song with English subtitles.

For some strange reason, the music works very well with the animation and now we want to see full episodes produced. Many of the replies to the post echo that sentiment about wanting to see more.


The nearly minute and a half video manages to tell a complete story without having the music get in the way at all. 

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Overwatch has proven it has staying power by remaining a powerhouse in the gaming industry for about three years now and with the launch of the Overwatch League.

With new heroes always on the horizon, Blizzard always has players looking forward to what’s next in the game. Hopefully, someone at Blizzard is able to see this and greenlight some official ones.