Overwatch: Race at insane speeds with epic Workshop mode

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has created an epic Sprint Racing game mode in the Workshop that sees players race around the map at ever-increasing speeds.

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DarwinStreams is one of the Workshop’s most popular and prolific creators, developing a huge variety of modes from fully-fledged games to explorations of interesting mechanics that are now possible thanks to the feature.

His latest offering sees players race against each other around the map as Soldier: 76, hitting checkpoints to confirm they’ve passed the full length of the “course”, although the exact route each player takes is up to them in areas that have multiple options.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The Overwatch Workshop has been enormously popular with players.

The catch, however, is that while sprint is activated, the player’s speed will continue to increase, meaning that the race will get more and more frantic the longer it goes on – unless, of course, you run into a wall, in which case the momentum is reset and the speed rebuilds from its default velocity.

The mode has no collision between players, so it’s purely a question of each player’s ability to navigate the map at speed without crashing into walls. The first player to reach fifteen points is the winner.

Those that wish to try out this mode can do so by importing it with share code CGKAS.

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Darwin is also responsible for a variety of other popular workshop modes, including practice modes for Ana and Reinhardt, as well as fun modes like D.Va racing and Overwatch Pictionary. Players creating their own modes might also benefit from using mechanics like homing and steerable missiles, as well as an improved Genji dash animation, that Darwin has developed.

Between the release of the Workshop and the upcoming Replays system, which is currently in testing on the Public Test Realm (PTR), Overwatch players have more ways than ever of experiencing the game the way they want to.

With a shake-up in Summer content promised by Jeff Kaplan, and rumors of a new PvE-focused Overwatch game on the horizon, there’s perhaps never been a better time for Overwatch players.