Overwatch fans spot amazing Dragon Ball Z reference in new Baptiste spray

Blizzard / Toei Animation

Blizzard is known for including various nods to pop-culture into Overwatch, but a Dragon Ball Z reference in one of Baptiste’s sprays could be the most fitting yet.

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When Overwatch’s latest character Baptiste was revealed, fans immediately drew connections between the Support character’s design and Saiyan tech from the uber-popular anime. So it was no surprise when an eagle-eyed player connected the dots with a spray called “Too Powerful!”

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In a Reddit post, user ChaseInfinity saw a spray of Baptiste angrily crushing his scanner which has a striking resemblance to a Dragon Ball Z moment when Vegeta discovered that Goku’s power level was “over 9000.”

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Since Baptiste’s eyewear is an almost exact replica of Dragon Ball Z’s Scanner, it was inevitable that a reference would sprout up.

It’s hilarious to see the incredible effort by Blizzard here, as they even have Baptiste hunching slightly to his left while raising his right eyebrow to perfectly match up with the Saiyan Prince’s pose in the scene.

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ChaseInfinity / RedditPlayers are definitely going to be spamming Baptiste’s spray after a huge play.

Baptiste’s “Too Powerful” spray is sure to be popular among players as it only costs 400 Credits and would be the perfect way to vent out small frustrations that may come up in a match.

Other fans might even think the spray is ironically fitting to Baptiste, since some players are already worried about what affect his ability kit will have to the game.

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Blizzard will no doubt be sure to keep a constant eye on the new hero’s power level so he doesn’t get too out of hand, though.

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