Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Provides an Update on the Torbjörn Rework

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has commented on the state of the Torbjörn rework.

Kaplan revealed that a Torbjörn rework is still in progress, but that nothing is set in stone yet.

In recent months Blizzard has been making a big push to bring various existing heroes into a better place for the current state of the game. Much has changed in the two years since Overwatch has released – including the addition of six entirely new heroes, with a seventh on the way – so it’s no surprise that many need updating.

Both Hanzo and Symmetra have recently received major overhauls, while some significant Sombra changes also went live with the most recent patch. It’s been known that a Torbjörn rework has been on the cards for some time, but no details of what this might entail, or when it might arrive, have announced.

It appears the silence on Torbjörn might simply have been because Blizzard hasn’t yet figured out what direction they want to take him in.

“We don’t have details but it is one of the things that’s actively being worked on. We’ve tried dozens of new abilities and tweaks to the turrets and his gun so far. We have some interesting leads but nothing is solidified yet. I know you’re anxious to hear more details than that but he’s really in a state of flux right now and changing rapidly day to day. When things start to settle down, we’ll communicate more.”

The Hanzo and Symmetra changes demonstrate that Blizzard is willing to work with entirely new abilities and even, as in the case of the latter, fundamentally change the hero’s playstyle. When the Torbjörn overhaul does arrive, it’s very possible that he could be a very different hero.

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