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Overwatch: How to unlock more mobility with Roadhog using creative trick

Published: 26/Jun/2019 7:58 Updated: 26/Jun/2019 8:15

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has discovered a creative trick for getting more mobility with Roadhog.

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Roadhog might not be known as the most mobile of heroes, but an Overwatch player has discovered a technique that allows him to make it across gaps that he otherwise couldn’t jump.

When Roadhog hooks an enemy over a gap – or at least into the air such that they fall beneath him – he can use them as a makeshift jump pad, jumping off of them as they fall to give himself a secondary mid-air jump and allow him to pull off jumps he otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


As demonstrated by u/PlasmaNapkin, this means that Roadhog can actually make it across the gap between the center of Lijiang Gardens and the area on the other side of the bridge, a jump that usually requires some sort of movement ability to pull off.

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via Gfycat

This isn’t the first time that a player has used this trick to reposition, however. Overwatch player u/Ryrybread5 used it on Rialto after catching out an enemy Bastion near the attacking spawn, dragging them over the water and then using them as a jump point to reposition for a Whole Hog that annihilated the enemy team.


Treating Bastion as a Yoshi from r/Overwatch

While the applications of this trick are obviously quite niche – and of course requires catching an enemy with the hook in the right place to begin with – it’s conceivable that it could be used to catch enemies off guard by repositioning in a way that the enemy may not realize is possible.

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If used in the opposite direction to the original clip, for instance, it allows Roadhog to reach the control point without crossing the bridge, which could set up a flank that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

This use of the hook is certainly worth keeping in mind for Roadhog players, as it could open up some creative plays that might help turn the tide of a game.