Overwatch cosplayers win fans’ hearts with incredible Mercy & Ashe duo

Lawrence Scotti
mercy ashe overwatch

A pair of cosplayers wowed Overwatch fans with their duo cosplay of Mercy and Ashe is a photoset that went massively viral.

Since the dawn of gaming, cosplayers have brought our favorite digital characters to life.

No game has spawned more cosplay content than Overwatch, Blizzard’s hero-based FPS title. With such a wide array of character desgins, fans have been cosplaying as charatcers from the game since it originally launched back in 2016.

Now, we have not just one, but two incredible cosplayers who have teamed up to show off their take on the Mercy and Ashe duo.

overwatch mercy face glitch
Mercy returns in Overwatch 2.

Mercy and Ashe Overwatch duo cosplays steal the show

Cosplayers Shappi Workshop and mikomihokina shared their Mercy and Ashe costumes on the Overwatch subreddit in a post which launched directly to the top of the page.

The outfits are some of the best and most realistic we’ve ever seen, as the pair of cosplayers nailed every single detail of their characters in their stunning outfits.

The costumes were accompanied by incredible photography, done by reflektierte_wahrheit, who managed to bring the pair of content creators to life with warm colors that illumnate the pair.

Beyond the photoset, Miko shared a look into the process of creating the outfits. They showed off Ashe’s rifle and what went into getting every color and detail just right. She also revealed the Mercy’s pistol was made via 3D printing.

With Overwatch 2’s official release almost here, these cosplays build up hype for one of the most anticipated games of 2022.