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Overwatch concept shows how awesome shared POTG highlights could be

Published: 4/Feb/2020 23:19 Updated: 4/Feb/2020 23:28

by Bill Cooney


An new Overwatch concept attempts to show how multiplayer shared Play of the Game highlights could work in the game, and it looks pretty impressive.

Play of the Game highlights show up after every Overwatch game and while the quality of each POTG may or may not live up to expectations, it is always nice for players to see their names up in lights.

Over the years, players have suggested multiple changes and ideas they think could make the highlight system better, but one idea that people seem to keep coming back to is combo or shared clips for multiple players.


Blizzard EntertainmentUltimate combos can be some of the most devastating moves in Overwatch, but only one player gets credit in the POTG currently.

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Reddit user Frogmjf decided to see what POTG highlights with multiple players could look like, and the results are pretty impressive.

“I’ve seen it talked about on here before but having multi-player POTGs would be awesome!” Frog wrote on Reddit. “I threw together a few concept videos of how that would look because I’m obsessed with stuff like this and the highlight intros chain perfectly together.”

“I like that feeling of surprise that you get right before the POTG when you want to know who got POTG after the match,” he continued. “I designed this concept to make it feel as if you don’t know how many players were involved and what team, since each animation stacks on top of the next.”


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The two-player highlight is just a simple split-screen, and the Play of the Game in question could be shown from each of the perspectives of the heroes included.

Three players would be a little more difficult to show in the highlight. The intro screen certainly looks cool, but how a three-person POTG would be shown after is interesting to think about.

If a three-player highlight seems difficult to pull off, then a four-person highlight would be even more insane. But Frog’s four-player concept does look clean either way.

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It certainly seems possible for Blizzard to add multiplayer POTG’s in the future or with Overwatch 2.


The big challenge, however, would be figuring out how to make the highlights themselves work since it’s obvious from Frog’s video the intros already go together pretty well.