Overwatch: Concept art for unused maps and skins revealed


One Overwatch fan has uncovered a ton of unreleased content from Blizzard ranging from re-skinned heroes to unreleased maps.

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While Blizzard has released a somewhat steady stream of new heroes into Overwatch, the new locations and different maps have been lacking. The last release came back in May, with Havana joining the map rotation.

Since then, fans have been digging for hints about a potential new backdrop – with some even pointing out that Blizzard might have made in-game references. However, none of those have yet come to fruition. Despite that, it appears as if one fan has been able to dig up some maps that have been unused by the developers since the game’s release.

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Paris was the last new map added to Overwatch.

Twitter user OverwatchNaeri, a well-known player who also shared previous leaks including the 2-2-2 role lock, and the fake Sigma leak, tweeted out some images of leftover graphics from the popular title, including some different looks at heroes, unreleased skins, and these unused maps. 

The maps, 12 in total, all play into the Overwatch lore. They all, also, are labelled for either Attack/Defend, Control Point, and Payload – the key game modes. One in particular, Galapagos, might stand out to keen onlookers as it appears there may have been plans for some sort of underwater multiplayer level. 

OverwatchNaeriA look at all the concept art for the unused maps.
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There are, of course, others like Berlin, Cairo, and London which seem to resemble the released Paris map – taking a real-life backdrop and putting an Overwatch spin on things. 

For whatever reason, these maps have obviously not been used in-game but considering that they are all concept art, it might not be out of the question that Blizzard can dig up whatever groundwork they laid out to make them a reality.

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Aside from the maps, which are the most interesting images, OverwatchNaeri also showcased a strange look for Zenyatta.

The support hero, which fans are used to seeing float throughout games and dealing damage with their Transcendence ultimate, was – at one point – given two standing legs, and able to run around like the majority of other characters.

OverwatchNaeriZenyatta may have had two standing legs if Blizzard opted for a different Overwatch release.
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It remains to be seen if fans will ever be able to get their hands on these new maps, or even the initial skins planned for heroes in some future release.

Yet, it’s probably a safe bet to assume that the two-legged standing Zenyatta will never get a look-in.