Overwatch community split on new meta after big anti-barrier patch

. 2 years ago
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A big new Overwatch patch normally leads to a lot of discussions and the latest update is no exception, with barriers receiving a sizable hit while DPS heroes have been buffed immensely.

The August 13 update, which will be used for the Overwatch League playoffs, was created with the intention to radically shift the meta, according to San Francisco Shock main tank Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi.

Now that it’s live and players have had time to fool around with it, the results are in and they’re mixed, with some loving the new direction while others despise it. The big difference seems to come from tank and support players, with tanks disliking the changes while supports are in favor of them.

Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer and main tank specialist Flats claimed the game was in the “worst state” it has been in two years: “Main Tank actually unplayable.”


Another streamer, Beaver, seemed to agree, writing that he was glad to not be alone with that position.

With the nerfs to Orisa and Sigma, some off-tank players have been playing a lot of Roadhog, who received a damage buff in the patch – something that is being mocked with memes.

The reason for the memes is because Roadhog is a tank that operates more like a DPS and with the recent buffs, he’s become a bit more of a welcome addition to a team. Plus, he has solo carry potential and can break down double barriers if teams try to run it.


Elsewhere, support streamers TheKristenRae and Fran seemed to be thrilled with the patch, a complete 180 from how tank players feel. Rae posted a photo of her match history, showing off an impressive win-loss record.

Meanwhile, Fran, simply happy to see Zenyatta buffs, tweeted a picture of the patch notes, hyping up the fact she would be playing her main hero once more.

As the meta continues to evolve and the Overwatch League teams battle it out on the new update, it will be interesting to see what strategies they discover and just what the dominant composition will be.

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