Overwatch community blown away by curving D.Va bomb on King’s Row

Brad Norton

D.Va’s Self-Destruct Ultimate can be one of the most predictable abilities in Overwatch, yet this stunning Overwatch League maneuver seemingly found a way to curve the explosion on King’s Row.

Overwatch League provides the highest level of competition in Blizzard’s hero shooter title. As a result, it’s no surprise that the most experienced professionals have a trick or two up their sleeves to catch the opposition off-guard. 

One such trick came from a March 1 series between Boston Uprising and the Philadelphia Fusion. Stunning everyone else in the lobby and the thousands tuned in around the world, Jun-ho ‘Fury’ Kim seemingly launched a D.Va bomb around the payload on King’s Row.

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The direction of D.Va’s Ultimate can be manipulated through a quick use of her Boosters. However, players lose all control of the explosive mech as soon as D.Va is ejected.

Despite this, Fury found a way to change the pathing of his lethal Ultimate in the middle of a series against the Uprising. 

While battling through the second phase of King’s Row, Fury had one of only two Ultimates charged up on his team. They had to make it count or risk being overwhelmed and the South Korean veteran managed to sneak the explosion past the payload thanks to a nifty trick.

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The Ultimate was launched forward to the left side of the payload, however, it quickly changed direction and curved around to the right.

How exactly did this happen? It turns out that the curb throughout King’s Row’s second phase, is actually tall enough to interact with certain abilities such as D.Va’s Self-Destruct.

The mech was pointed towards the ground before boosting into the enemy team, as to glide across the floor. This allowed the explosive to clip onto the curb and alter its direction as it followed the bend through the street.

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The surprising Ultimate resulted in a single kill on Boston’s Main Tank player, all but winning them the fight and eventually the map.

Thanks to this crafty high-level tactic, you can catch unsuspecting teams by surprise in your next ranked game as enemies would likely never anticipate a curving D.Va bomb.