Overwatch: Simple buff to Tracer’s ultimate could be perfect counter to Bunker comp


Bunker comps have been spiking in ranked Overwatch, and while it is possible to manage against it, some players think a much-needed buff to Tracer would drastically improve her use of the problematic strat.

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Blizzard’s team-shooter is jam packed with heroes that bring their own twist to a battle. While metas evolve from time to time, some tend to stick around, which cause major headaches for certain players.

In this case, it seems like Tracer players are feeling a bit left out in the cold since past nerfs are starting to bite back, especially now that stingy Bunker comps are making the hero feel a bit useless in crucial situations.

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BlizzardTracer used to be the bane of Bunker comps, but not so much anymore.
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In a Reddit thread, user ‘HotBonus’ thinks it’s about time Blizzard upped Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, that regular players will remember was gutted, which kind of renders the ultimate useless against the prevalent meta.

To make Tracer more viable in the current Overwatch, Blizzard should “bring back Tracer’s 400 damage pulse bomb,” since she used to “perform a vital function in taking out Bastion.”

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“Giving her her 400 damage Pulse Bomb would be a nice return giving the prevalence of Bunkers in all of rank,” HotBonus said. “Allow her to get rid of Bastion with ease like before. Maybe small things like this would prevent bunker, not sure, but it’s worth a try.”

BlizzardGiving Tracer a boost to her Pulse Bomb would be a great answer to Bunker’s rising popularity.
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While a good Tracer can still get around the mainline and deal some damage, her hit-and-runs aren’t nearly as effective. Since her coup-de-grace can’t keep up with the crazy amounts of heals a Bunker comp routinely gives out, it’s really hard to one-shot the enemy Bastion.

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According to HotBonus, since Tracer was the only hero that could really “delete” a Bastion, buffing up the ultimate might be able to bring balance to the popular meta.

Buffing the Pulse Bomb’s damage would let her wreak havoc on Bunker comps, giving ranked playlists a ray of hope to competing against it.

Tracer could have a few other buffs to get her on level standing again

Other Overwatch players chimed in with their grievances on Tracer’s state, and some people thought there were more fixes that are dire to implement.

“Also can you revert the pulse bomb disappearing mid air when you get killed or stunned while it’s flying,” Reddit user ‘Holoderp’ said. “It is fucking triggering.”

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Furthermore, some thought that giving Tracer an extra dose of damage on top of the bomb could be a good idea.

BlizzardTracer mains must be missing the good ol’ days of Overwatch when they could easily one-shot a Bastion.

“Make sticking the bomb deal like 50-100 damage extra instead of 5 so there’s at least a small addition of rewarded skill from the player imo,” Reddit user ‘Pulsiix’ said.

Whatever the change might be, Bunkers is leaving one of the most popular heroes of the game pretty insignificant, making some people think its about time for a notable buff.

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