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Overwatch and Talon clash in stunning fan-made comic

Published: 9/Dec/2019 15:43

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created a digital comic that sees a Talon team featuring the likes of Widowmaker and Reaper attempting to steal a mysterious substance from a secure facility when they are met by former Overwatch agents and Helix security forces.

It’s not particularly uncommon for creative fans of games to produce art based on the game, from depictions based on the game itself to concepts for new skins or even characters, but Overwatch fan VonHollde took things one step further with a full-blown digital comic.

Blizzard themselves originally produced a regular series of Overwatch-based comics that offered fans a rare glimpse into the story behind the game, but these have been discontinued, with the final edition based around the ‘Retribution’ Overwatch Archives in-game event released in April 2018.


Blizzard EntertainmentWidowmaker meets Ana once again in VonHollde’s comic.

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To fill the void left by Blizzard’s comics, VonHollde has created a stunning work of her own which looks like it could fit right in alongside the official work.

The short story told by the comic sees Talon breaking into the Central American Institute of Entomology to steal a substance – which Reaper states “isn’t a simple venom” – when Widowmaker is attacked by Ana in yet another clash between the two snipers.

As Reaper looks to respond, Ana’s daughter Pharah arrives with a Helix security team who aim to lock down the Talon pair – but Sombra is already inside, where she clashes with Tracer, a rather appropriate 1v1 between two of the game’s most agile duelists.


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Of course, the comic isn’t official and therefore the story within it stands apart from the official canon, but for fans itching for more story content within the Overwatch universe it’s easy to imagine VodHollde’s comic as a real episode in the ongoing battle between the two factions.

Fortunately for those waiting for Blizzard themselves to expand on the Overwatch story, narrative content will be a major aspect of Overwatch 2, which is set to finally move the story of the game’s universe beyond the events of the ‘Recall’ animated short which kicked off the original.