Overwatch 2 x TF2 crossover map proposal has players clamoring

Overwatch 2 x TF2 mapBlizzard / Valve

Overwatch 2 players are thrilled at the reveal of community-made maps arriving in the game and such a change has prompted one user to suggest the integration of an incredibly popular TF2 map, causing fans to go wild.

Community-made maps are relatively new in Overwatch 2, with Talantis being one of the first to be added to the game’s Arcade mode. However, despite their new integration, many OW2 players have jumped at the chance to suggest brand-new maps to explore.

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One such map combines the popular Overwatch 2 with the beloved Team Fortress 2 to suggest that 2fort makes an appearance as a playable battlefield. Naturally, upon the suggestion being posted to Reddit, Overwatch 2 players instantly started calling for its creation.

Overwatch 2 players call for TF2 community map crossover

Posting on the Overwatch Reddit, one user explored the idea of another community made map, stating that “since community made maps are gonna be a thing, here me out on this” while also adding an image of the classic TF2 map, 2Fort.

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Shortly after, Overwatch 2 fans took to the comments to show their agreement, calling for the crossover to happen.

Multiple Overwatch 2 players were extremely excited about the idea of an Overwatch x TF2 crossover, stating that “A collab with TF2 would be cool!”, “A million times YES” and noting that “OW2 x TF2 would be the peak of human evolution.”

Others took to a more realistic approach, exploring how they “would have a ton of fun with it, but in reality, the very exaggerated mobility-heavy nature of Overwatch would make 2Fort a nightmare for any character that relies on flight or high jumps or anything.” Which could pose a slight issue, or make the terrain tougher and more chaotic during matches.

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Ultimately, despite the chaotic notion of the idea, one Overwatch 2 fan summed up the communities thoughts perfectly: “Do It! We have suffered OW too long without the sweet embrace of 2Fort.”

There’s no word regarding whether there will be another community-made map, but fans are undeniably calling for a crossover to appear soon.

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