Overwatch 2 players discover fatal flaw with new Talantis map

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Overwatch 2 players have discovered a rather interesting way to die on the new Talantis map when spawning into a new game or after being taken down.

The newest Overwatch 2 map Talantis has arrived for a limited time within Blizzard’s hero shooter. A new control map, Talantis takes players underwater with big fish, jump pads, and elevators included.

The map was created as part of a limited-time event where game director Aaron Keller and art director Dion Rogers went live on Twitch, asking for chat’s assistance in designing a brand new map for the game. Fortunately for players, that map ended up being implemented in the game as a part of this new game mode, which lets people mess around on a map they’ve built.

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Obviously, the map isn’t a fully polished masterpiece like some of the other fantastic maps we’ve seen before it. With missing textures and other various wild mechanics, it’s not expected to be the most competitive of maps out there. Being available in the arcade for a limited time only, the map will dry up when the event ends on May 1st, 2023.

Overwatch 2 player discovers that they can randomly die on Talantis

However, whilst players have been toying around with the new terrain, a certain player found a fatal flaw with the map design.

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Overwatch player TheToanZone was just about to leave the spawn room as Rammatra, excited to play on the new map. Unfortunately for them, Talantis had other plans for Toan, and for some reason instantaneously killed them as they were walking out the spawn doors.

Players aren’t exactly certain what caused Rammatra to suddenly tip over with many stating it looked like he just randomly tripped. Other players joked that a new tripping mechanic was introduced into the game, and Rammatra was moving a little too quickly for his own good.

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“This is actually a thing with the recent update. Check out the patch notes. Don’t walk too fast or you might trip!” a user joked.

Fortunately for Toan, their Mercy was there to revive them and go about their business.

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