Overwatch 2 new UI and “game reports” are giving players more ways to improve

Overwatch 2 gameplayBlizzard Entertainment

Ahead of its launch, the Overwatch 2 team announced new features such as a new UI and game reports that give players more opportunities to learn and get better at the game.

With the lifecycle of the original Overwatch winding down, players are already looking ahead to the sequel.

Not only is there incredible anticipation to play Overwatch 2, but players who are keen to quickly climb up the ranked ladder are looking for any new information that might give them an early advantage.

Luckily, the development team behind Overwatch 2 has revealed some more new features that, while they won’t give players a competitive edge or trick for climbing, will help them improve their play.

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Overwatch 2 announces updated UI and game reports

In an announcement detailing changes and improvements to the competitive ranked ladder – which includes replacing SR with Skill Tier Divisions – the team dropped a few nuggets of information to improve the Overwatch competitive experience.

First is a new, match-focused UI including an updated scoreboard which will “help you identify your team’s needs and adjust your strategy accordingly.”

The team also announced that medals are being removed from the in-game scoreboard, along with the removal of any indications of a player’s skill level (portrait borders and competitive skill tiers) from the pre-game screen.

The new Overwatch 2 scoreboard.Overwatch
The new and improved Overwatch 2 scoreboard.

While players might protest this move as protecting unskilled players, the team noted that the decision was made because “[s]kill tier and division aren’t completely aligned with the matchmaking rating we use to determine matches.”

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The second major change that will help players improve is the addition of game reports.

In the History tab of your Career Profile, the game reports will provide a detailed breakdown of each match played during your current or most recent session.

Game reports will include more detailed statistical breakdowns, including breakdowns by hero.

Along with the improved ping system and adjustments to matchmaking, there are plenty of opportunities for players to improve their gameplay and hit a new high rank when Overwatch 2 releases.