Overwatch 2 devs considering changes to the Lifeweaver’s hitbox

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Lead Hero Designer, Alec Dawson, confirmed in an interview that the Overwatch 2 team is internally discussing Lifeweaver’s hitbox and potential changes to it.

Lifeweaver, the newest Overwatch 2 hero, has been out for almost two weeks now, and players found great ways to utilize the hero’s abilities in great combos. But parts of this support’s design did not go over well with the player base.

One of the issues players find with Lifeweaver is his hitbox which includes the lotus flower on his back and all its petals.

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Said flower and petals can extend well beyond the cover you are hiding behind, allowing enemies easy damage even if you think you are safe, which contributes to players reporting that it is very hard to stay alive for longer as Lifeweaver.

But things might change for the better relatively soon, as Alex Dawson spoke up about Lifeweaver’s hitbox during an interview with KarQ and EvaLangwin.

Overwatch 2 dev teases Lifeweaver hitbox changes

According to Dawson, Lifeweaver’s hitbox changes are something the team is “talking about.” He followed it up by stating devs “don’t have any dates to share,” in regards to when changes will be introduced to the game.

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“Whenever we change hitboxes or anything model-wise it is quite a lot of work, it can involve multiple things depending on what approach we take in particular. It’s not going to be in any of the immediate changes, but it is something we are talking about,” said Alec.

Interestingly the devs also hinted that more characters with similarly “complex” ability sets will make their way into Overwatch 2 at some point, as the team is excited about going in the direction of heroes with “high-impact abilities.”

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Lifeweaver might be an important experiment the team is conducting in designing such a hero. A character with high-impact abilities, a high skill ceiling, and unique weaknesses.

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