Overwatch 2 brings back beloved Subaquatic Zenyatta skin and fans are thrilled

Overwatch 2 Subaquatic Zenyatta headerBlizzard

Overwatch 2 has confirmed that beloved Subaquatic Zenyatta will be available in the shop for the first time since the first game, with fans now hoping this means more old-school Overwatch skins will make their way into the sequel.

The first skin that will be brought in as part of this new initiative is Subaquatic Zenyatta. The design is deep sea inspired, with darker colours and a cooler color palette.  

This skin, that will now be included in Overwatch 2 for the first time, was previously available in the inital game. However, given its limited run in the original, many were hoping it would come back and be available in the sequel.

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Overwatch 2 brings back beloved Subaquatic Zenyatta skin

Despite a rocky start to Overwatch 2, developer Blizzard have slowly but surely been winning back their community. With more skins, cosmetics and content being churned out in 2023.

The new Subaquatic Zenyatta is the first weekly challenge skin to be sold in the Overwatch 2 Shop.

This new rare skin promises more like it to be dropped in the future. When this happens, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on what new skins are on the way as well as how players can get their hands on them.

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Fans are now tweeting out which other old-schools skins they would like to see added into Overwatch 2. One user wrote, “I really hope more return for Overwatch 2. They were never specifically labeled as not returning. Sure it sucks a bit if you had it OG…but at the same time, a lot of them are really amazing skins that the new OW2 community deserves to have.”

Another simply added, “I’ve been wanting this Zen skin SO BAD but also this means we get a chance at BASTET ANA.”

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