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Orisa’s buffed Fortify on Overwatch PTR looks way more useful

Published: 23/Aug/2019 20:39 Updated: 23/Aug/2019 20:46

by Bill Cooney


A new PTR update is now live in Overwatch and developers have snuck in a “hidden” Orisa buff that makes her Fortify ability a little more solid.

The latest Overwatch PTR update went live on August 22, and included nerfs for Sigma, Symmetra and Zerya, but also contained some hidden updates as well.

As well as seasonal event maps becoming available in customs games and the Workshop, Orisa also got a buff to her Foritfy ability that makes her seem heavier and more resistant while in the air.

Blizzard EntertainmentFortify gives Orisa a little more protection and prevents her from being knocked back.

Fortify gets fortified

The changes made to Fortify make it affect Orisa a lot like Reinhardt’s new “Steadfast” passive ability, which now reduces his knockback by 30 percent.


Reddit user squidonthebass posted a video showing how Orisa’s current Fortify performs next how it works on the PTR, and the changes seem pretty solid – literally.

In the current main Overwatch build, Orisa’s Fortify doesn’t seem to do much when activated in the air and she still moves as if she weren’t buffed.

Now, on the PTR, if Fortify is activated in the air Orisa no longer flies as long and falls to the ground a lot sooner, which could be very useful against all the new Sigma mains out there.

Orisa can still be launched before she activates Fortify though, but the new passive should make it so she doesn’t get tossed as far.


Blizzard EntertainmentOrisa: now even harder to move.

What else is new on the PTR?

Speaking of nerfs, Symmtra has had the width and DPS of her primary fire reduced, in an effort to cut down on the amount of melting she does to enemies.

Zarya got a similar nerf to her primary beam fire – which also has it’s width and DPS reduced. Sorry, Zarya mains.

Sigma saw the casting time of his “Gravitic Flux” increased from 0.4 seconds to 0.6 seconds – to give players a little more time to escape the area if they can.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma’s ultimate is still very dangerous, don’t be fooled.

As the newest tank hero to join Overwatch, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see more Sigma changes make their way to the PTR before too long.