One-handed Overwatch gamer wipes out entire enemy team as Junkrat

Scott Robertson
Blizzard Ent.

Using a controller and only a single hand, Twitch streamer Hezi ‘OneHandOnly’ Gangina laid out an entire team during a competitive Overwatch match.

When is doing something particularly hard, and making it look easy, you just have to tip your cap to them. 

OneHandOnly is a former pro gamer who, if you can believe it, plays games with only one hand. Not only that, he plays at an exceptionally high competitive level.

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He showcased how playing with one hand doesn’t seem to hinder him at all, in a game-winning barrage of kills while playing Junkrat.

OneHandOnly dropped a five-player kill to end the game in style. He doesn’t lack in confidence either, declaring he “killed the whole game.” His confidence isn’t unwarranted, as this isn’t even his first time his highlight has reached the top of the Overwatch subreddit.

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Just a week prior, he pulled off a sick quadruple kill in his first game playing Reaper. He’s also proficient with Reinhardt, Moira, and Brigitte, all at the Platinum level in Overwatch.

OneHandOnly comes from a competitive gaming background, having previously competed in FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer at the highest level. He won the Israeli PES championship and finished top 16 in all of Europe.

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According to an interview from 2009, Hezi has had his disability since birth, when complications during delivery required doctors to have to pull him from his right arm, resulting in paralysis. He said after 12 years of surgeries and physiotherapy, he regained some ability in that arm.

Numerous members of Overwatch’s reddit community expressed their appreciation of OneHandOnly’s ability to play at such a competitive level, with others lamenting why he plays better with one hand and a controller than they do with two hands and a mouse and keyboard.

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OneHandOnly frequently hosts a variety of other streamers with disabilities on his Twitch channel. As of writing this, he’s hosting the AbleGamers channel, which features a schedule of players who game with disabilities. 

AbleGamers is also a charity that grants specialized controllers to gamers, provides resources for accessible game design, and support gamers in hospital.