New Overwatch League Twitch feature could change esports forever

Bill Cooney

The new the new 2019 Pass seems to be pretty game-changing.

The upcoming Command Center feature should be one of the biggest draws as it allows viewers to watch a player’s first person point of view in real time.

That means if players want to watch nothing but Soon popping off in the enemy backline, they can do just that.

Esports insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau said the new “choose your view” feature was “the best feature they could have added, and it’s about time.”

Slasher even suggested that all esports competitions and tournaments should have the option to watch from a single player’s POV, and based on the response his tweets have gotten already, he may be onto something.

This viewer is a first not just for Overwatch League, but for esports, because no other LAN tournaments offer player specific first-person streams to viewers.

Some fans are disappointed the feature is hidden behind a paywall, but with the price of the All-Access pass being cut in half from $30 to $15 this year, which will be a better entry price for those willing to pay for the ground-breaking feature among its other offerings.

Overwatch League has started out 2019 with a bang, and Season Two hasn’t even started yet, now we’ll have to wait and see how long it takes other esports tournaments to follow OWL’s lead.

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