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Overwatch League announces return of improved All-Access Pass for Season Two

Published: 31/Jan/2019 18:36 Updated: 31/Jan/2019 19:42

by Joe O'Brien


The All-Access Pass is returning new and improved for Season Two of the Overwatch League.

In partnership with Twitch, the All-Access Pass offers Twitch viewers a variety of exclusive benefits. The pass debuted in the second half of Season One, and the league has taken on feedback to produce an even better offering for Season Two.


The main draw of the All-Access Pass is the select the first-person perspective of any player in the game, as well as customize their view with multiple feeds including an overhead map of the action.

One of the biggest changes for Season Two is a significant reduction in price. This year, the All-Access Pass will cost $14.99, half the price of the 2018 edition.


TwitchThe exclusive emotes that will be available to All-Access Pass holders.

In addition, much of that price will be immediately recouped with other benefits. Passholders will receive 200 Overwatch League tokens – enough for a home and away skin on two heroes for your team or teams of choice – which are valued at $9.99, while Twitch Prime members will also receive 500 Bits, valued at $7.00.


Passholders will also get a one-time 20% discount code for the Overwatch League store, and a variety of Twitch rewards including emotes and channel badges for participating in weekly personal challenges.

The All-Access Pass for 2019 is available for purchase now and will last until the end of the 2019 Overwatch League Season. The Overwatch League is due to return on February 14.