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New emote and highlight intro revealed for Overwatch hero Baptiste

Published: 1/Mar/2019 12:33 Updated: 1/Mar/2019 12:39

by Joe O'Brien


Blizzard have revealed a new emote and highlight intro for Overwatch’s 30th hero, Baptiste.

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Baptiste is the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster, having been revealed on February 25 and becoming available for players to try out on the Public Test Realm (PTR) on February 26.

A former combat medic with Talon turned lone wolf intent on making the world a better place, Baptiste joins the Support hero line-up, offering some unique mechanics through the likes of his weapon, which alternates as a burst fire rifle and a healing grenade launcher, and his “Immortality Field” ability

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While the gameplay aspects of Baptiste might be available on the PTR, however, not all of his cosmetics are, with the likes of skins, emotes, and highlight intros still a mystery.

Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste is the 30th hero in Overwatch, and the 9th since the game’s release.

An update to Baptiste’s hero page on the Overwatch website may have revealed some options for him, however. A new clip of Baptiste shows him stopping to interact with the robotic arm that creates his Amplification Matrix, before transitioning into what looks like a highlight intro in which he launches himself skyward before turning to fire a healing grenade.

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Possible upcoming Baptiste emote + Exo Boots Highlight Intro from r/Overwatch

These highlight clips typically show off actions that the hero can take in-game, such as their highlight intros, so it’s likely that at least the second portion will appear as such, while the first section looks like a potential emote for Baptiste.


Blizzard have yet to reveal when Baptiste will arrive on the live servers, but based on the schedule of previous years – which saw new heroes go live on March 21 and 20 in 2017 and 2018 respectively – it’s likely that Baptiste will remain on the PTR for a few more weeks.