Nate Nanzer Confirms When the Dennis Hawelka Award Will Be Given

Joe O'Brien
Carlton Beener for Blizzard Entertainment

Nate Nanzer has confirmed that the recipient of the Dennis Hawelka Award will be announced at the Overwatch League All-Stars event.

The Dennis Hawelka Award is an award in honor of Dennis ‘INTERNETHULK’ Hawelka, who tragically passed away in November of 2017, that will be given to the Overwatch League player who had the most positive impact on the community at the end of each season.

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The original announcement of the award never specified when exactly it would be given, merely stating that it would be awarded “at the end of each Overwatch League season”. When no mention of the award was made at the grand finals, many questioned when the winner would be announced.

Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer took to Twitter to respond, clarifying that the award would be given at the All-Stars event, which is taking place August 25-26.

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INTERNETHULK was one of the original players of the Team Envy Overwatch team that ultimately became the core of the Dallas Fuel, and by all accounts he had a positive and lasting impact on everyone he came in contact with.

After London Spitfire won the grand finals, flex tank Kim ‘Fury’ Jun-ho paid tribute to INTERNETHULK in his first statement on social media following the victory.