Los Angeles Valiant are giving any Overwatch player a chance to go pro

Bill Cooney

The Los Angeles Valiant announced on Wednesday, September 4 that the team would be holding open tryouts ahead of Overwatch League Season 3.

Los Angeles finished the 2019 season in the bottom half of the Overwatch League with a disappointing 12-16 record following Stage 4.

As with most teams, the Valiant will probably make a few offseason additions to the roster and it looks like they’ll be holding open tryouts for some of them.

Overwatch League/Robert PaulDo you have what it takes to join the Valiant?

How do we try out for the Valiant?

Obviously, L.A. isn’t looking for any Mercy main or Genji one-trick coming in off of the street, this is the Overwatch League after all.

All players that want a shot at trying out have to have a peak SR of at least 4300 during season 16, 17, or in the Role Queue Beta Season.

Interested and qualified players can sign up for the open tryouts here, but you better hurry, because submissions won’t be accepted after September 10 at 11:59 PST.

Holding open tryouts isn’t unheard of in Overwatch esports, but teams usually do it for their Contenders teams, so it will be interesting to watch and see if anything or anyone comes out of the tryouts.

Does this mean Valiant are going to cut players?

Holding open tryouts doesn’t necessarily mean the Valiant are going to be making some drastic roster readjustments before next season.

The Valiant are the only team in the Overwatch League to not have a Contenders Academy team, so there’s nowhere else for the player(s) who make it through the tryouts to go.

It could just be an attempt to bolster up the roster headed into next season, but it’s a long offseason, and you never know what could happen.

The Overwatch LeagueOnly the Valiant know for sure what’s going to happen this offseason.

So, Overwatch players who think they have what it takes to wear the hallowed green and gold (and a high enough SR), get out there and get signed up.

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