Little-known environmental spot for Lucio discovered in Overwatch

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A new clip has revealed a spot on Lijiang Tower’s Gardens stage that’s blowing the minds of even the most seasoned Lucio players.

As anyone who’s spent a little time playing Lucio can tell you, environmental kills using his ‘boops’ are some of the most satisfying plays you can make.

The Gardens on Lijiang are usually a pretty decent map for this too, with an open pit surrounding the point and open areas around the bridges – but now, another spot where environmental kills are possible has been unearthed.

Lucio mains have been booping enemies off of Lijiang since the release of Overwatch in 2016.

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A video of the little-known spot was posted to Reddit by Lucio enthusiast ‘skeptah,’ who claimed it was the first time they had come across the spot in over 500 hours of playing the hero.

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“NO idea this BOOP was possible,” skeptah wrote, and based on the number of responses the video has gotten, it seems most people didn’t realize it, either.

The spot is actually on the high ground near the room with a health pack on the closed-off side of the point. The ledge there is a favorite for snipers and other heroes trying to get the drop on unsuspecting teams, but as we can see that plan can backfire with a well-placed boop.

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Lucio boops the Reaper over the back wall just after they finish teleporting, which causes him to fall to his doom in the very well-hidden open area that exists back there.

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If the Lucio player wasn’t even expecting this Bbop to happen, you have to imagine how surprised the Reaper was that they actually died from it.

Of course, this boop won’t work if your on the same level as your target, you need a pretty substantial angle to get the right trajectory in order to yeet them over the wall, so sticking to the ground level of Lijiang as Lucio might be a good plan if your backline is getting destroyed.

Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio’s Boop is truly the ability that just keeps on giving.

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The next time you find yourself on Lijiang gardens, think twice before taking the high ground if the enemy Lucio seems like they actually know what they’re doing.

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