Listen to the LA Gladiators Pull Off their Epic King’s Row Flank Tactic

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The LA Gladiators have released the voice comms of their team pulling off an incredibly creative play against the London Spitfire.

In the first series of their quarter-final match against the London Spitfire, the Gladiators pulled off one of the most creative set plays of the entire Overwatch League.

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On the offensive side of King’s Row, the Gladiators made their push onto point A by rushing immediately past the point, all the way through the second stage of the map and wrapping back around to claim the high ground over the point.

What the London Spitfire didn’t realize, as they repositioned to deal with the Gladiators’ return to the point, was that only five members of the Los Angeles squad had made the push.

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Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts wasn’t with the team, as his hero selection of Brigitte would have implied. Instead, he was waiting in the offensive spawn room, and as the rest of his team moved to engage the Spitfire – now positioned on the side of the point closer to the offensive spawn – he switched to Widowmaker and sprung the trap, eliminating unsuspecting London members and guaranteeing success.

The play resulted in a quick first capture for the Gladiators that ultimately led to their securing the map and the series in dominant fashion. You can now listen to what that moment was like inside the team, from the planning and co-ordination of the play to the celebration of success.

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