L.A. Gladiators Legion throws shade at Toronto Esports amidst recent controversy

by Bill Cooney


Toronto Esports just can't get out of the spotlight, this time the Gladiator's Legion Contender's team got in on the fun by teasing Toronto about their ongoing situation.


As the Legion announced the signing of Dalton 'Dalton' Bennyhoff to the team on Thursday, they said they would be "rescuing" the player from Toronto Esports.

In a move that should come as a surprise to no one at this point, Toronto decided to take the bait. The Legion responded with, "Are you afraid?" poking fun at Toronto's attempt to get a show match with the Defiant.


Even though the Toronto Esports Club has officially left Overwatch behind, this didn't stop one user from replying with a picture of a toe, playing off the name "TOEsports."

Toronto tried to reply, but the damage had already been done, and "TOEsports" is sure to go down as a meme for this whole situation.


After announcing they would be leaving Overwatch, Toronto Esports said they would be looking into Fornite, CS:GO or Artifact, the new DOTA card game.

No matter what they do next, Toronto Esports will probably remain a meme in the Overwatch community for some time.