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Jeff Kaplan shares info on Overwatch Summer Games, new cosmetics & more

Published: 24/Mar/2020 22:57 Updated: 24/Mar/2020 23:03

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan shared new information about the upcoming Summer Games event and more future cosmetics coming to the game in a huge new interview.

We’re currently right in the middle of the 2020 Archives event in Overwatch, and there’s still the Anniversary event to get through – at least, until the Summer Games are up.

However, Jeff felt the need to mention the fan-favorite event in his recent interview with PCGamesN on Overwatch as it approaches the four-year mark.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Summer Games is one of Overwatch fans’ favorite events, mostly because of the great seasonal skins we usually receive.

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Summer Games 2020 won’t have any new limited-time modes besides the old classic Lucioball (that fans either love or hate), with very little in-between.


“We’re not adding a new sport – there won’t be a new Lucio Ball (or Lucio hockey is what everyone really wants). We won’t be adding that,” Kaplan explained. “But we’re putting some cool twists on the existing content and trying to keep the game fresh.”

That might mean we’ll see different Lucioball modes with different rules or settings, similar to what’s been done with the PvE Archives missions for the 2020 event.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Lucioball has been around since the very first Summer Games in 2016.

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When it comes to cosmetics, Kaplan said that the Overwatch team has plenty of good stuff in store for players set to come out in 2020.


“As far as cosmetic items go, there are two types of players in Overwatch: there are the types who only care about gameplay, and there are the types of players who care about the cosmetic content,” Kaplan suggested. “I was just looking over the shoulder of the concept artists at some of the skins and I know that our players are going to lose their mind when they see those.”

Of course every Overwatch event comes with a number of new skins, but Kaplan also suggested we could be getting more mini-events spread out in between.

“Then we have fun stuff for later in the year. Nothing that we can announce right now, but in the way that Ashe’s Mardi Gras event was a surprise, there’s some more things like that on the way,” Jeff hinted. “I think they’re pretty cool with some themes and other content that I don’t think people are expecting. Should be good.”


YouTube: PlayOverwatch
Kaplan has become the face of Overwatch for the game’s community over the years.

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Kaplan has spent about the last seven years of his life working on Overwatch, from development up to the current day, so his insight on how the game has changed over the years and where it’s going definitely makes the entire interview worth a read.