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Jeff Kaplan hints at future of Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue

Published: 17/Apr/2020 4:06

by Andrew Amos


Overwatch’s Competitive Open Queue has been a hit with players ⁠— more than even Blizzard expected ⁠— and if comments from Jeff Kaplan are anything to go off, the mode might have a bright future within the FPS title.

The Competitive Open Queue mode in Overwatch has been a much-appreciated throwback for the game’s veterans. No role lock, no worries ⁠— teams have been running all kinds of weird and wacky compositions, and yes, GOATS has seen a resurgence.

However, because it’s an Arcade mode, players aren’t expecting it to stick around for much longer. On the numbers though, Competitive Open Queue could have a bright future.

Blizzard Entertainment
Competitive Open Queue has been out for three days, but it’s been a hit with players.

Jeff Kaplan hit the forums on April 16 to answer players’ concerns about the mode, and hinted that it could be staying around for longer than expected.

“We’re discussing the future of the mode right now,” he said.

While he didn’t expand on whether the mode will become a permanent fixture, or just be rotated through Arcade more often, players can look forward to seeing it more in the future.

He also dropped some statistics that might surprise players. Competitive Open Queue is performing well above expectations in all regions across all platforms.

It’s the most popular Arcade queue in every region except North America, and has accounted for more than 10% of all hours played across multiple platforms.

In certain regions, like Korea, it has peaked at over 25% playtime, beating out Quick Play and only coming in second to regular ranked.

Blizzard Entertainment
The stats for Competitive Open Queue are promising for its future.

Kaplan did emphasise that these statistics are based on one day’s numbers alone, however noted these trends have been continuing, and that’s why Blizzard are looking at the mode’s future in-game.

“It’s interesting to see what regions and platforms are responding to the different modes in the game,” he said.

So, if you’ve been enjoying the throwback to Competitive Play ⁠— the way it used to be ⁠— you might be able to get back on the grind like nothing ever changed permanently in the future.


Blizzard changes Overwatch Priority Pass again to stop system abuse

Published: 16/Jan/2021 2:04

by Andrew Amos


Blizzard has implemented more changes to their Overwatch Priority Pass program to stop players from abusing the system to get their preferred role more often.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch has been a successful addition so far. Giving players the option to jump the queue for high-traffic roles by sacrificing a few games has helped tackle the game’s long queue times.

However, it hasn’t been without its flaws. Game quality has been pulled into question, with people playing off-role for these passes. Also, people have been abusing the current system to just stack passes quickly by intentionally losing.

The Priority Pass system in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Priority Passes have been a hit with Overwatch players, but it’s not perfect.

Blizzard are looking to crack down on the latter issue with their latest changes to Priority Pass on January 15.

“Our data indicates that the Priority Pass is functioning as intended, generally providing shorter queue times for those who use them. The goal of the Priority Pass is to improve player experience and get players into matches quicker,” community manager Josh Nash told players.

“In the same vein, we don’t want this feature to have a negative impact on the quality of matches for yourself or others. We want to do our part to discourage players from intentionally losing and ruining matches for the sake of earning priority passes.”

If you lose a match while playing for passes, you’ll only gain one pass instead of two. This will stop players from just inting their games for the ticket.

Blizzard are also refunding passes to players if they queued up for a role using Priority Pass, but then had to wait longer than the estimated time for it.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
These changes mean you won’t burn through your passes as quickly.

These changes are active immediately, so you can make use of them straight away. Blizzard are continuing to tweak the system as time goes on, and are “ looking into how we can better communicate when you are rewarded passes after playing a match.”