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Insane Overwatch hero concept shows what would happen if Moira visited Jurassic Park

Published: 28/Mar/2019 13:56 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 15:17

by David Purcell


Overwatch fans have put together some unbelievable concepts in their time playing the game, but who would have thought mixing the idea of a fighting hero with Jurassic Park would have created one of the best yet? 

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Jurassic Park has a huge amount of dinosaurs involved in the original trilogy, but anybody that’s watched the films knows that the most terrifying was, of course, the Velociraptor. 

Now, in a design that very much falls in line with the evil plans to use raptors as military weapons in Jurassic World, a concept art designer tried his hand at putting the idea into practice and the results are unbelievable. 


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Blame the Controller - Overwatch / XSEIDETWould you like to see Raptor Specimen 13 in Overwatch?

What do we know about the raptor concept? 

The raptor concept, which has been given the name ‘Specimen 13’, was showcased on the Blame the Controller – Overwatch YouTube channel, but its design was actually put together by Twitter user @XSEIDET, who often posts a number of his own creations inspired by the team-based shooter. The final design was a collaboration between the pair.  

There are many layers to this fan-made design, though. There’s an unbelievably detailed backstory for the character, as well as a walkthrough video of how the finished article was assembled plus a glimpse at some of Specimen 13’s strongest attack moves. 

(Full video below. Character story revealed at 1:49 and abilities discussed at 3:45)


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Backstory of Raptor Specimen 13

What makes an Overwatch hero concept stand out from the crowd is not only the design and how it looks, but many fans also appreciate when somebody has taken the time to build a character’s backstory. 

After all, if it was to ever be added to the game, people would want to know where it’s come from. While the concept itself might look like something from Jurassic Park, you will be glad to know that its backstory doesn’t mention escaping from Isla Sauna or Isla Nublar. 

In fact, the character’s story ties in with Moira, another hero in Overwatch, stating that Specimen 13 was actually a secret project that she kept under wraps. “The potential benefits of targeted resequencing and DNA manipulation of birds,” was her area of study, as she was trying to create something that would be a noble guard. 


Through this, a dinosaur hero was born. Well, there’s a little more to it than that. Check out more of the backstory below: 

Blame The Controller - Overwatch / YouTubeOverwatch’s Moira plays a big part in Raptor Specimen 13’s creation, judging by the backstory.
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Raptor Specimen 13’s abilities

Mounted Rifle

Raptor Specimen 13 has a deadly Mounted Rifle on its back, which delivers damage of 18 per hit and has 40 ammo. The reload time is just 1.5 seconds for the weapon and the rate of fire is 1 per 0.135 seconds. 


Hunting is a self-buff ability, and when activated it would allow the hero to see all enemy players within a 12 meter radius. It lasts for five seconds, with a cooldown of 12 seconds. 

Predator Speed

Where this concept gets really really interesting, though, is its speed. Predator Speed is a self-buff ability that would last for four seconds per use, increasing the jump height by double during that time. Movement speed would increase by 30 percent. This would be really useful when chasing an enemy. 


Blame The Controller - Overwatch / YouTubeRaptor Specimen 13’s Pounce ability might just be its most deadly.
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Raptor Specimen 13’s physical attack ability would dish out 60 damage per hit and would completely incapacitate both players when it lands. With a range of 10 meters, a duration of three seconds and the raptor dealing continuous damage when the other player is on the floor, you wouldn’t want to be near this hero when its ready to pounce. 


Jurassic Park fans will also be aware of just how deadly the claws of a raptor can be and that was also implemented into this design. Using its ‘Talons’ ability, players will be able to quickly dish out melee strikes with Specimen 13, with five damage per hit. 


Primal Carnage

Finally, Primal Carnage is quite different to anything seen in the game right now, as Specimen 13’s ability would summon another two raptors to assist it in battle. They would have 150 health each and deal eight damage. 

So, there you have it – the Raptor Specimen 13 concept design. Would you like to see this added to Overwatch in the future?