How to improve your Overwatch aim with this useful training tool

Published: 7/May/2019 12:10 Updated: 16/May/2019 8:57

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created a custom Workshop mode designed to help players train their aim.

The Workshop has been a revelation for the Overwatch community, with all manner of unique and interesting game modes already being made despite the feature still being limited to the Public Test Realm (PTR).

In addition to fun game modes like an Avengers-inspired Infinity Stone battle and recreations of other titles like CS:GO or Portal, players have also begun to use the workshop to develop training tools for Overwatch itself.

One such example is an Ana grenade tool that allows players to learn and practice throw line-ups, and now Overwatch player PMAJellies has created a mode to help players hone one of their most fundamental skills: aim.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe workshop has been very popular with players since its release on the PTR.

The aim trainer comes with multiple different options for target settings, from close-range targets to practice sheer speed to greater distances that force a higher degree of precision between shots.

Players can also select between any of the game’s heroes, with PMAJellies having implemented a rather novel way of doing so – shooting the “heroes” target in the “menu” transports players back to the spawn room, with another target to return to where the aim practice takes place, looking out over the sea on Dorado.

Those that wish to use this tool themselves to practice can do so with the share code WRP63.

Overwatch’s diverse hero pool means there are multiple different types of ‘aim’ required for players that wish to be proficient across the board. While Widowmaker and McCree require single-shot hitscan precision, the likes of Pharah must take into account projectile travel time over varying distances, while heroes like Tracer and Soldier: 76 rely on tracking while emptying their magazines.

This aim training tool will primarily help with the former, although it’s arguably the most fundamental aspect of aim – the ability to judge projectile travel or track a moving target means little if you can’t accurately move your aim to the target location in the first place, after all.

While there are plenty of other ways to train the generic hand-eye coordination used for aiming in FPS games, this particular tool allows Overwatch players to train using the exact weapons and environment in which they’ll apply that practice.

Update – Aim Trainer V2

PMAJellies has produced an updated version of the aim training mode that includes a variety of new features.

As well as new options for the standard snap-to-target training that was already the main focus of the mode, players can now work on their tracking with a training mode that involves moving orbs that players must try to keep their aim focused on.

The aim trainer also now includes a mode that lets players test their aim in a slightly more realistic setting, by using Zenyatta bots as targets that can either be stationary or moving in random patterns. Players can also use this mode to test their ability usage as well as their primary weapon.

The share code for the updated version of PMAJellies’ aim trainer is BQSSS.

PMAJellies Aim Trainer V2.0 from r/Overwatch

Last updated: May 16, 2019 – 5 AM EST


Overwatch player discovers secret counter to Mei’s Cryo-Freeze

Published: 1/Dec/2020 19:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Mei’s Cryo-Freeze has to be one of the most annoying abilities in Overwatch, granting the hero complete invincibility for its duration. Now, a player has discovered a brilliant trick to counter the ice-themed hero.

In Overwatch, there are few abilities as unique as Cryo-Freeze. It places Mei inside of an ice cube that heals her and cleanses any status effects such as Ana’s biotic grenade.

However, the most annoying thing about the ability is how it makes Mei completely invulnerable. For the few seconds she has it activated, she can survive anything from point-blank D.Va bombs to Sigma’s Gravitic Flux.

Some players have found ways to “time” abilities so they connect with Mei as she exits her ice cube cocoon, such as Tracer’s Pulse Bomb or a Reinhardt charge. However, this tactic is reliant on the Mei using Cryo-Freeze’s whole duration. If she cancels it early, then there’s a chance that she’ll end up surviving or dodging the oncoming attack.

Mei uses ice block in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei’s ice block is extremely powerful.

Luckily, a new technique has been discovered which should make countering Mei a breeze. As shown by Reddit user bleubey, Junkrat can actually place his trap directly on top of Mei’s ice cube.

This trick should guarantee that the Chinese environmentalist hero gets trapped and is extremely vulnerable to any attacks. With any luck, you can even catch the Mei player completely off-guard and force out her ultimate.

That exact thing happened in bleubey’s clip. After coming out of the cube, the Mei found herself trapped and ended up wasting her Blizzard in the process, only to be taken out of the picture by a damage-boosted Junkrat grenade.

I find it amusing that you can put a junk trap on top of Mei’s head while she’s an ice cube from Overwatch

Users on the site were shocked to see that such a trick even existed. “I’m almost gold border and I never knew this,” wrote marioaprooves.

“I’m GM and I never knew this sh*t. Holy f**k,” stated another, clearly shocked at what they had witnessed.

Mei freezes Roadhog
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.

Bleubey responded in turn that they only found out by complete accident, proving that such a tactic really went under the radar for a long time.

The next time there is a Mei giving your team trouble, try swapping to Junkrat and taking her out with this neat trap hat maneuver.