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Improve in Overwatch with this fully customizable target practice mode

Published: 17/May/2019 14:20 Updated: 17/May/2019 14:56

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has developed perhaps the most comprehensive training mode yet to help improve aim.

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The addition of the Workshop has opened up powerful tools for players to create their own custom game modes.

While many have used the feature to recreate modes from other games or come up with their own fun modes, it has also allowed those that want to improve their play in Overwatch’s main game modes to produce training tools designed to help practice.

While u/Pineapple_Squish isn’t the first player to create a mode designed for aim training, they have come up with perhaps the most comprehensive and customizable practice mode yet.


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Players stand in the middle of a circle with a series of controls that let them control the distance and size of the targets, as well as how many there are and whether or not they move.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has given players more power than ever to create their own game modes.

The practice tool works on any map, meaning that players can choose their surroundings – either just for the sake of variety, or in order to work around a particular terrain or distance.

Most variants see the player stationary in the center with the targets appearing in different locations around them, but players can set the mode such that they are able to move about themselves and the targets will still spawn within a certain radius of them, allowing for a slightly more dynamic practice.


To increase the difficulty, players can set their training to “lightning mode”, in which targets will disappear after a short period regardless of whether the player successfully hit them, and “sudden death” mode in which a failure – a miss, too many targets spawning, or failing to hit a target in time, depending on what other settings you use – resets the game.

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These settings are perfect for keeping you dialed in on practice in order to get the most out of the training, as it can be easy to start coasting in target training and not really be focused on pushing your limits and therefore improving.


Those that wish to try out this training mode can do so with the share code RJ6X3.

[Workshop] I made a Target Practice tool, with 3D hit detection, settings menu, moving targets and more! from r/Overwatch

So far the Workshop is only available on the PTR and is therefore limited to PC players, but once the feature goes live players on all platforms will have access to it.

Blizzard haven’t specified exactly how long fans can expect to wait for the Workshop to arrive of the live servers, but with the feature having been in testing on the PTR since April 24, it’s increasingly likely that it may arrive very soon.