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Overwatch • Aug 22, 2018

How to Watch the Overwatch League All-Stars Event – Rosters, Schedule & International Timings

How to Watch the Overwatch League All-Stars Event – Rosters, Schedule & International Timings
Blizzard Entertainment

The inaugural season of the Overwatch League has concluded, but there’s one last chance to see some of its stars in action.

Taking place on August 25-26, All-Stars will see representatives of the Atlantic and Pacific Division go head-to-head in a series of challenges, culminating in a competitive best-of-five match.


While some Overwatch League players will compete at the Overwatch World Cup, for many this could be their final official appearance before Season Two, which is expected to kick off in early 2019.

Here’s everything you need to know to catch all the action at the All-Stars event:

The Stream

As with the rest of the Overwatch League season, the All-Stars event will be broadcast in multiple languages and available on Twitch, the Overwatch League website and app, and the MLG app. The event will also be broadcast on ESPN and Disney XD from 4-10pm PDT (7pm-1am EDT, 12-6am BST, 9am-3pm AEST) on Saturday August 25, and from 11am-2pm PDT (2-5pm EDT, 7-10pm BST, 4-7am AEST) on Sunday August 26.

The Teams

Each Division will be represented by 18 all-star players. The starting six were selected by fan vote, while the 12 reserves were picked by a vote among Overwatch League talent and team staff.

Pacific Division

PlayerOWL Season One TeamRolePosition
Baek 'Fissure' Chan-hyungLos Angeles GladiatorsMain TankStarter
Scott 'Custa' KennedyLos Angeles ValiantSupportStarter
Kim 'Geguri' Se-yeonShanghai DragonsFlex TankStarter
Kim 'Fleta' Byung-sunSeoul DynastyDPSStarter
Ryu 'Ryujehong' Je-hongSeoul DynastySupportStarter
Park 'KariV' Young-seoLos Angeles ValiantSupportStarter
Park 'Architect' Min-hoSan Francisco ShockDPSReserve
Brady 'Agilities' Girardi
Los Angeles ValiantDPSReserve
Benjamin 'BigGoose' IsohanniLos Angeles GladiatorsSupportReserve
Koo 'Fate' Pan-seungLos Angeles ValiantMain TankReserve
Aaron 'Bischu' KimLos Angeles GladiatorsFlex TankReserve
Pongphop 'Mickie' RattanasangchodDallas FuelFlex TankReserve
Son 'OGE' Min-seokDallas FuelMain TankReserve
Nikola 'Sleepy' AndrewsSan Francisco ShockSupportReserve
Terrence 'SoOn' TarlierLos Angeles ValiantDPSReserve
Indy 'Space' HalpernLos Angeles ValiantFlex TankReserve
Lane 'Surefour' RobertsLos Angeles GladiatorsDPSReserve
KIm 'Zunba' Joon-hyeokSeoul DynastyFlex TankReserve


Atlantic Division

PlayerOWL Season One TeamRolePosition
Bang 'JJoNaK' Seong-hyunNew York ExcelsiorSupportStarter
Park 'Saebyeolbe' Jong-RyeolNew York ExcelsiorDPSStarter
Kim 'Pine' Do-hyeonNew York ExcelsiorDPSStarter
Hong 'Ark' Yeon-junNew York ExcelsiorSupportStarter
Lee 'Carpe' Jae-hyeokPhiladelphia FusionDPSStarter
Hong 'Gesture' Jae-huiLondon SpitfireMain TankStarter
Choi 'Bdosin' Seung-taeLondon SpitfireSupportReserve
Park 'Profit' Jun-youngLondon SpitfireDPSReserve
KIm 'Fury' Jun-hoLondon SpitfireFlex TankReserve
Noh 'Gamsu' Young-jinBoston UprisingMain TankReserve
Kim 'Libero' Hae-seongNew York ExcelsiorDPSReserve
KIm 'Mano' Dong-gyuNew York ExcelsiorMain TankReserve
Kim 'MekO' Tae-hongNew York ExcelsiorFlex TankReserve
Austin 'Muma' WilmotHouston OutlawsMain TankReserve
Park 'Neko' Se-hyunBoston UprisingSupportReserve
Gael 'Poko' GouzerchPhiladelphia FusionFlex TankReserve
Ha 'Sayaplayer' Jeong-wooFlorida MayhemDPSReserve
Gwon 'Striker' Nam-juBoston UprisingDPSReserve


The Schedule

The first day of All-Stars will consist of a series of challenges, while the second is reserved for the main showdown between the two rosters.

Saturday, August 25

Lúcioball Showdown4pm7pm12am9am
Mystery Heroes5pm8pm1am10am
Widowmaker 1v1 Quarters and Semis6pm9pm2am11am
Talent Takedown7:30pm10:30pm3:30am12:30pm
Lockout Elimination8:30pm11:30pm4:30am1:30pm
Widowmaker 1v1 Final9:30pm12:30am5:30am2:30pm

Sunday, August 26

Official All-Star Game11:00am2pm7pm4am


The Challenges

Here’s a look at all of the challenges that will take place . All players from each team must participate in at least one challenge on the first day, and all players must compete in at least one map of the All-Star game.


The Lúcioball showdown will be a 3v3 best-of-three using standard Lúcioball settings on the Busan Lúcioball Arena map, with each game lasting five minutes.

Mystery Heroes

Mystery Heroes will be a 6v6 best-of-three using competitive settings, to be played on Ilios, Nepal, and Lijiang Tower. Every time a player respawns, they will be assigned a new random hero.

Widowmaker 1v1

Four players from each team will compete in the Widowmaker 1v1 tournament, first facing off within their respective Divisions before the champion from each Division faces off in a final match. Quarter-finals and semi-finals will be first to seven eliminations, with the final being first to ten. The quarter-finals will be played on Castillo, the semi-finals on Necropolis, and the final on Ecopoint: Antarctica.

Talent Takedown

The only match not featuring the all-star players, the Talent Takedown will see two teams of Overwatch casters and analysts go head-to-head.

The teams were selected by the coaches of the Pacific and Atlantic Division squads ahead of the event and they will play a best-of-three, with standard competitive rules for the first two games followed by a Lúcioball decider if needed. The rosters for the Talent Takedown are as follows:

Atlantic Division:

  • Brennon ‘Bren’ Hook
  • Josh ‘SideShow’ Wilkinson
  • Malik Forté
  • Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez
  • Matt ‘Mr.X’ Morello
  • Eric ‘DoA’ Lonnquist
  • Mitch ‘Uber’ Leslie

Pacific Division:

  • Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles
  • Johnathon ‘Reinforce’ Larsson
  • Alberto ‘Crumbz’ Rengifo
  • Soe ‘Soembie’ Gschwind-Penski
  • Auguste ‘Semmler’ Massonnat
  • Chris Puckett
  • Robert ‘Hexagrams’ Kirkbride

Lockout Elimination

The Lockout Elimination competition will be a 6v6 best-of-three using standard Lockout Elimination rules, to be played on Oasis University, Necropolis, and Castillo. The goal is simply to eliminate the other team, but the winning team in each round will be unable to use the heroes that they won with for the rest of the game. The first team to win three rounds wins the map.

All-Star Game

The weekend will conclude with a full competitive best-of-five between the Atlantic and Pacific Division teams, in which all players must participate in at least one map. The map pool will be King’s Row, Rialto, Horizon, Route 66, and Ilios.

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