How to view your actual Overwatch 2 SR number for all ranked roles

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Overwatch 2 players tired of the new ranked system have discovered a way to see their SR number for all competitive roles.

Unlike the first Overwatch, OW2 made the bold decision to do away with a skill ranking number that went up or down every match and replaced it with numbered tiers that update every 7 wins or 20 losses.

In the upcoming Season 3 update, tiers will be updated every 5 wins or 15 losses instead.

Players have not been too keen on these updates and don’t like having to win a set number of games to see if they’re making any actual progress in their pursuit to climb the ranked ladder.

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Amazingly, as it turns out, Blizzard still uses a numerical SR system and players can find out what their actual rank is and all they have to do is ask.

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What’s your real Overwatch 2 SR?

Overwatch 2 trick lets players see SR for Competitive matches

As explained by aspiring Overwatch pro ‘Julian,’ all players have to do is request their data from Blizzard and their SR will be revealed.

First, go to BattleNet and request the data that Blizzard has on your games. This could take a few days to receive, but some have reported getting their document in a matter of minutes.

When you have the document, search for “Player Ranked Role Data” and your SR number will be revealed along with your ranking from past seasons.

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Overwatch 2’s ranked season data will be listed as “0x0630XXXXX” for some reason, but at least players will have a chance to see a more accurate SR number than just a tier.

Blizzard has stated they have plans to improve the Competitive experience after a lot of backlash involving the matchmaker, so hopefully, they’ll make this process even easier in the months ahead.

Until then, if you’re ever trying to determine what your actual SR is, be sure to use this trick to improve at the hero shooter.