How to unlock Overwatch’s World of Warcraft emotes

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players have rediscovered the game’s World of Warcraft themed emotes and now a number of them are asking how to unlock the lesser-known cosmetics.

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Blizzard, who make Overwatch, also produce World of Warcraft so it makes sense that the games contain more than a few references to one another.

To celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth back in 2018, Blizzard released two new Tracer emotes, some Torbjörn voice lines and a number of player icons.

Blizzard EntertainmentGo ahead and pick one already Tracer, you can’t be both.
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How do we get the WoW cosmetics?

The World of Warcraft emotes for Battle for Azeroth are both for Tracer and have her planting either the flag of the Alliance or the banner of the Horde down.

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For players who don’t know about the WoW emotes, seeing a Tracer pull them out can come as quite a surprise, and apparently provide endless entertainment to Bastion players, as this video from Reddit user BlizzconX shows.

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Torbjorn’s voice lines are similar to Tracer’s emotes, one that says “For the Horde,” and the other “For the Alliance.”

The cosmetics are still able to be unlocked by Overwatch players if they purchase the World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Collector’s Edition or Digital Deluxe edition, with the same account they use for Overwatch.

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When will we get new Overwatch Content?

Even though Blizzard has been silent on new Overwatch content for the last week, we do know that the Summer Games event will be starting sometime around the beginning of August.

There’s also supposed to be a new Overwatch hero coming out sometime this summer, according to Director Jeff Kaplan, but other than a possible tease in the new Baptiste short story, we don’t have much info on them either.

Blizzard EntertainmentA lot of players are convinced Mauga (left) is Overwatch’s Hero 31.
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Overwatch fans have been patiently waiting for any kind of new content since the Anniversary event and Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge ended, so hopefully Blizzard has some updates for us soon.

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