How to get the LEGO-themed Bastion skin in Overwatch

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch has announced a new mini event called Bastion's Brick Challenge that offers players the chance to unlock an awesome LEGO-inspired Bastion skin.


Blizzard and LEGO have put out a number of Overwatch-themed sets, but now it seems the building bricks have made their way into the game itself.

Overwatch announced the new event out of nowhere on September 17 and it will run for just under two weeks until September 30.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The Brick Bastion skin definitely looks like it came straight out of the box.


What's this new Bastion skin?

The new Bastion skin introduced along with the event is simply amazing, the Omnic actually looks like he's made entirely out of LEGOs.

Red, yellow and blue bricks make up most of the skin, with some grey mechanical parts underneath, and almost every piece looks like an actual LEGO part.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
There's a good chance Bastion will just turn into a pile of LEGOs when he's eliminated in the new skin.


How to complete the Brick Bastion Challenge

Like other in-game challenges such as Ana’s Bastet Challenge or Baptiste’s Reunion Challenge, the Brick Bastion Challenge will involve a mixture of playing and watching the game.

In order to collect the skin itself, players will need to win nine games, which can be completed in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or the Arcade.

The skin isn’t the only thing on offer, however, as there will also be LEGO-themed player icons and sprays, some of which can be unlocked by winning games on the way to the Brick Bastion skin, while others are awarded for watching participating streamers on Twitch during the challenge.

Winning games offers the following rewards:

  • Win 3 games – 2 player icons
  • Win 6 games – Pharah and Mercy Sprays
  • Win 9 games – Brick Bastion Skin

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The Brick Bastion Challenge also offers LEGO-themed icons and sprays.


Watching streamers offers the following rewards:

  • Watch 2 hours – D.Va spray
  • Watch 4 hours – 2 player icons
  • Watch 6 hours – Genji and Hanzo prays, 2 player icons

Below are the streamers participating in the Brick Bastion Challenge. While each is filling a specific “Spotlight” time, tuning into any of them over the duration challenge will count towards your rewards.

In order to receive the rewards for your viewership, your Twitch account must be linked to your Blizzard account. This can be done by going to the Connections tab in the Settings of your Twitch account.

Streamer Spotlight Date/Time Channel
Valkia Sept 17 (11:00 PDT – 19:00 PDT) twitch.tv/valkia
BrickinNick Sept 18 (11:00 PDT – 17:00 PDT) twitch.tv/brickinnick
Grant Sept 19 (23:00 PDT – 11:00 PDT) twitch.tv/granthinds
Zondalol Sept 20 (23:00 PDT – 05:00 PDT) twitch.tv/zondalol
LeeTaeJun Sept 21 (06:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT) twitch.tv/dlxowns45
WantedOW Sept 22 (06:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT) twitch.tv/wantedow
Danikills Sept 23 (19:00 PDT – 22:00 PDT) twitch.tv/daniikills
Larihmage Sept 24 (12:00 PDT – 18:00 PDT) twitch.tv/larihmage
YongBongTang Sept 25 (04:00 PDT – 07:00 PDT) twitch.tv/itopicy
Drth7 Sept 26 (21:00 PDT – 01:00 PDT) twitch.tv/drth7
Ppatiphan Sept 27 (06:00 PDT – 08:00 PDT) twitch.tv/ppatiphan
T_Sven Sept 28 (05:00 PDT – 12:00 PDT) twitch.tv/t_sven
Fenner Sept 29 (06:00 PDT – 18:00 PDT) twitch.tv/danielfenner
Tyr0do Sept 30 (20:00 PDT – 00:00 PDT) twitch.tv/tyr0din



Bastion's Brick Challenge follows the same setup as other mini challenges like D.Va's Nano Cola and Baptiste's Reunion.

This means that once September 30 rolls around, any chance to unlock the new Bastion skin or any of the new cosmetics will go away for good, so get those wins in while you still have time.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
You probably don't want to miss out on this Bastion skin, just look at it.


This also marks the first time Overwatch has included a skin associated with something outside of the Blizzard universe of games, and could be a preview of more crossover skins to come.

With the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch set to drop October 15, it will be interesting to see what other awesome skins for heroes could come out before then.

Last updated: September 18, 6:30 AM EST