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How to play CS:GO-inspired bomb defuse game mode in Overwatch with Workshop

Published: 7/May/2019 7:38 Updated: 7/May/2019 7:56

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player has created a fully-functional bomb defusal mode in the Workshop inspired by CS:GO.

The Workshop is a scripting tool that gives players a huge amount of power over the game’s rules, allowing them to create new game modes and even prototype new heroes.

With the Workshop, even the fundamental rules of Overwatch need not apply – players have already used the feature to recreate classic 2D arcade games, for instance – and it’s also possible to create entirely new features, such as the “infinity stones” that one player used in an Avengers: Endgame-inspired mode.

The Workshop was released to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24, and players have already used it to create a huge variety of modes, from tools to help practice Overwatch to recreations of other titles like Portal and a DotA-inspired MOBA mode.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has been immensely popular with Overwatch players.

Now, u/treesofvalinor has replicated the rules of CS:GO’s iconic game mode. The mode manages to emulate all of the fundamental elements of Counter-Strike, with a bomb plant and defuse system, an economy and purchasing system, and even armor.

As it stands, there is a slightly limited set of weapons available. Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster acts as the default starting pistol, while McCree’s Peacekeeper offers an upgraded pistol. Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle is the standard rifle for both teams, and Widowmaker’s sniper rifle takes the place of CS:GO’s AWP.

Currently, the only map available in the mode is Lijiang Tower’s Control Center, but the creator has stated they hope to add more maps later.

If you want to try out this CS:GO mode, you can do so with the share code PDG9G.

[Workshop] Full Counter-Strike Game Mode from r/Overwatch

It’s also possible that this mode could be further expanded with additional CS:GO-esque features in future. One player, u/Mikoboy, has already figured out how to make smoke grenades, for instance, which could be implemented here to begin building up a utility system similar to Counter-Strike’s.

Those wishing to add the smoke grenade to either this CS:GO-inspired mode or their own custom game modes can do so with the share code 8SWFS.

via Gfycat

The Workshop is currently only available on the PTR and therefore only accessible by PC players. Once the feature reaches the live servers, however, it will be available on all platforms. Blizzard have yet to reveal when it can be expected to move to the live game.


Crafty Overwatch spot can give you the drop on Lijiang Tower

Published: 30/Nov/2020 1:27

by Bill Cooney


A new perch where Overwatch players can hang out has been discovered on Lijiang Tower’s Night Market stage, and it’s somewhere the enemy team will never think to look.

There are plenty of out the way and unexpected spots you can post up on in Overwatch, and the stages of Lijiang Tower contain a good number of them.

With plenty of roofs, walkways, nooks, and crannies, there are plenty of places to lay in wait for unsuspecting enemies, but this one discovered by Reddit user InfamousHandy on a whole other level.

Overwatch Lijang Tower Night market spot ( IDK if this spot was shown before) from Overwatch

In the area just outside the spawn room, there’s a building to the right (or left depending on which side you’re on) that’s covered in dark awnings. As you can see, with an ability like Reaper’s Shadowstep it’s actually possible to get up there and chill as long as you like.

If you can get up to this spot on the enemy side with your ult without being seen or destroyed, you have a chance to drop down and score some eliminations while the other team is still regrouping.

It’s not just Reaper who can reach it either, Echo, Pharah, and Lucio also can on their own, and any hero can as well with the help of Symmetra’s Teleporter. Just imagine what it would be like to get a Bastion up there.

The only downside is that to have any chance in a regular match of getting kills with this, you will most likely have to make your way to the enemy side of the map, which can be a challenge all on its own sometimes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Side corridors are your friend for sneaking around on Night Market, shown here, ironically, during the day.

To increase your chances of making it across undetected, we’d suggest using the side corridors, if you lack a movement ability that lets you avoid the ground altogether, like Lucio.

With the Lunar New Year event coming right up after Winter Wonderland though, this strat might be worth keeping in your back pocket for those special Capture the Flag modes.