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How Overwatch’s Tracer can perfectly counter Reinhardt’s Ultimate

Published: 9/Jun/2020 19:55

by Bill Cooney


It’s no secret Tracer is one of the more mobile heroes in Overwatch, and a new clip shows how she can actually avoid Reinhardt’s ultimate with a simple, well-timed Blink.

Since Overwatch came out in 2016, Tracer has basically been the poster girl for DPS heroes – and while she might not be a must-pick every match anymore, she still has a few tricks up her sleeve. 

One of those is her ability to evade damage and even enemy ultimates by using her Blink ability along with some precision timing.

Reddit user ‘vKirito’ is who we have to thank for this great clip, showing how Tracer can counter Reinhardt’s Earthshatter with one Blink, and potentially set up a counter at the same time.

Normally, Shatter will knock any hero within range down to the ground for a few seconds, making them easy prey. Midway through Rein’s “Hammer down” voiceline, vKirito pops Blink, and escapes without a scratch or getting stunned.

Tracer can actually blink over a Rein shatter from r/Overwatch

The trick seems to be using your Blink right at the end of Reinhardt saying “Hammer,” though this could change a bit depending on how close you are to the impact point.

If you happen to have Pulse Bomb active, you can get up close and personal as in the clip, and stick Rein or another nearby enemy to completely throw them off and maybe even get a few eliminations.

Of course, if you don’t want to get too close, you can always just Blink off to the side, out of Earthshatter’s cone of effect.

Rein’s Earthshatter goes out in a triangle shape from where his hammer hits the ground.

Even if you don’t have a Pulse Bomb handy, simply surviving through the ultimate and harassing the enemy team could be enough to keep your allies that did get stuned alive for a little bit longer.

No trick in Overwatch is completely foolproof, but with a little practice, this move could become a great tool when you decide to roll Tracer.


Overwatch reveals drop rates for loot box items and skins

Published: 27/Nov/2020 23:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch has finally revealed the official drop rates for loot box items such as skins and sprays within the in-game client.

Players logging in can now check out the exact rates for standard loot box items in a special page in the home screen menu. The page provides a lot of details for those trying to complete their cosmetic collections.

Some of the information is already pretty standard, with each loot box containing either four items or three items with credits. However, each loot box includes at least one item of rare or higher quality.

The description goes on to further state that, on average, an epic quality item will be found in one out of every 5.5 loot boxes and legendary items found in every 13.5.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
Legendary Overwatch skins are the rarest.

Furthermore, they list common items as having a 99% drop rate, rare at 94%, epic with 18.5% and legendary a mere 7.5%.

These rates only apply for standard loot boxes, however, and not seasonal loot boxes such as the upcoming Winter Wonderland, Archive or Anniversary events.

Amusingly, the page also states that items obtained through loot boxes will not give any additional advantage while playing the game.

Overwatch loot box drop rates
Blizzard revealed the loot box drop rates.

While, for the most part this is true, some players have discovered some slight advantages of using, for example, barefoot D.Va or Pharah skins to mask their footsteps.

That said, aside from these rather niche instances, Overwatch has been good at completely avoiding pay-to-win components that have plagued other games.

Loot boxes have long been under fire from both politicians and players who view the practice as a form of gambling.

Sombra fires Machine Pistol
Many players and politicians took aim at loot boxes.

In 2017, China forced Blizzard to reveal the exact drop rates for games such as Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Elsewhere, in the United States, Republican Senator Josh Hawley proposed the “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act” which took aim at loot boxes and other pay-to-win practices.

However, to combat this, several companies including Activision Blizzard agreed to disclose drop rates for their titles.

At least now Overwatch players can sleep easy knowing exactly what their odds are for unlocking certain skins.